Ares 0.20g Amoeba Match Grade BB x 5000 1KG Bag

Code: 410087
  • Approx. 5000 BBs
  • Multi-Polish Process
  • 1KG Bag of 0.20G BB

Match Grade BBs created for Airsoft Guns and Weapons, featuring a Multi-Polish Process to give an excellent finish. The BBs are constructed from PLA (Polylactide) Material, and feature a 0.01mm +/- Tolerance for improved consistency.

Full description


These BBs are specifically manufactured to be as accurate as possible, with less than 5% Internal Air Bubbles for a more Accurate Centre of Gravity, achieved by cooling the BBs slowly during the production process to reduce the amount of trapped Air Bubbles. The BBs are Polished in a multi-polish process, ensuring the BBs are as perfectly spherical as possible for higher Accuracy. These BBs are a must have for any Airsoft Skirmisher, perfect for indoors, as well as being the standard Weight at which Airsoft Sites and Retailers Test Weapons for use at Game Sites.


  • Great starter Airsoft BB
  • White in colour
  • Match Grade BB
  • 0.01mm +/- tolerance
  • Less than 5% Internal Bubbles
  • Accurate Centre of Gravity
  • PLA (Polylactide) Material
  • Multi-Polish Process
  • Slow cool-down process for Less Air Bubbles
  • Resealable Pouch

Package Includes

  • 0.20g Amoeba BB's 5000 1KG Bag

Special Information

This is the weight of BB's most sites across the UK use to test if Airsoft Weapons are safe to use in a Skirmish. It is always worth at least having a bottle or bag of 0.20g Weight BB in your kit for testing purposes.



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Product Height
Approx. 23cm
Product Length
Approx. 5cm
Product Width
Approx. 18cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 1kg

BB Specific

Approx. 5000
BB Type
BB Weight (g)
BB Size (mm)
Approx. 5.95mm
BB Tolerance (mm)
+/- 0.01mm
BB Material
PLA (Polylactide) Material
Bag, Resealable,

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