Ares Amoeba Suppressor & Inner Barrel Extension

Product code: AM-SIL-02 610054
  • 17cm Long
  • CNC Aluminium
  • ARES Ameoba Specific

The ultimate in compact CQB style Suppressors for Airsofters wanting to enhance the appearance of their ARES Amoeba AEGs. Designed specifically for ARES' Amoeba series, this 17cm long suppressor will fit on any AEG with the correct 14mm CW threads.

Full description


This CNC machined alloy suppressor is exquisitely finished; with a sleek surface and perfect smooth cuts to the materials. Running centrally through the suppressor is an extension to your AEG's inner barrel, ensuring that BBs will pass through and exit the suppressor without a loss in accuracy or FPS. The suppressor is fully branded with crisp marking from Amoeba Armament Corp, various safety and usage warnings, all with subtle text that doesn't awkwardly stand out or diminish the aesthetics of your own AEG. Running across the exterior of the Suppressor are three raised textured grip surfaces, which allow the user to maintain a firm hold on the suppressor when attaching or removing it from their AEG. Perfectly manufactured, brilliantly finished and offering both practical and aesthetic advantages, this mock suppressor and barrel extension is an ideal addition for any Airsofter with an Amoeba AEG.


  • Mock Suppressor
  • Textured Grip Ridge Surfaces
  • Manufactured using CNC from Aluminium
  • Quick detach mechanism
  • Branded:
    • 'MANASQUAN, NJ 7162'
    • 'NATO-SD 5.56mm'

Package Includes:

  • Amoeba 170 x 38mm Suppressor



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Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 17cm
Product Width
Approx. 3.8cm
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Approx. 0.2kg

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CW (Clockwise)
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