ASG 48Ci 3000psi 0.8Ltr HPA Air Bottle

Code: 18775
  • Standard Size
  • 3000psi Pre-Set
  • 0.8L / 48ci Capacity

A ready built High Pressure Air (HPA) System Bottle, which features a 0.8l bottle with 3000psi to 800psi Preset Regulator Valve, and a tough outer shell constructed from durable Aluminium.

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The bottle itself is great for any HPA system, giving you more than enough for plenty of shots before having to switch bottle. The bottle itself is large, making it great for placing in backpacks or dump pouches for carrying around on the field. This is the perfect bottle for anyone jumping into the world of HPA. Please note that you may need an external regulator to use this bottle safely with some HPA systems, unless that system is internally regulated like the Tippmann M4. Please definitely contact us if you need any help with installing a HPA system as they are notoriously dangerous if done incorrectly.


  • Pi (π) Tested and Approved Cylinder
  • 3000 PSI Pressure
  • 0.8l/48ci Tank
  • 800PSI when unregulated
  • 5k Burst Disk
  • 1.8k Burst Disk
  • Rubber nipple cover
  • Lightweight Cylinder
  • Built from heavy duty Aluminium

Package Includes:

  • 48Ci 3000psi 0.8Ltr HPA Air Bottle

Special Instructions:

ALL HPA Equipment should be treated with respect.

High Pressure Air can be extremely dangerous, and there are no user serviceable components on any High Pressure Air Tanks or High Pressure Air Lines.

NEVER use damaged or faulty HPA components as a tank rupturing can cause serious injury or death. Never use a tank which is dented or damaged. If a tank is taken for a refill at a shop it will be refused if there are signs of damage.

Do NOT fill the bottle with Co2 Gas.



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