ASG ULTIMATE Pin Extractor

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  • Deep Plunger
  • Internally Sprung
  • Alloy Construction

Upgrade your Airsoft guns battery and gun connector type today with ease and professionally. Even if you only ever do the upgrade once or twice, this tool makes the job 10x easier and can be shared between your friends.

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Thanks to the long metal shaft you can get a great grip on the tool whilst using the sprung plunger. The top button is relatively large for the flat of your thumb to press down and the feedback you get from the spring is excellent. The tool self-removes from your Tamiya plug be it small or large, gun or battery end with no resistance allowing you to do a swift and clean connector upgrade to anything including Deans, XT60 or something else.


  • Long pin release tool
  • Full metal construction
  • Long grip surface area
  • Sprung internally to aid in removing the tool easier from your connectors
  • Upgrade to connector type with ease and professionally with this tool

Package Includes:

  • ULTIMATE Pin Extractor Large



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