Battleaxe Pistol Laser Grip

Product code: LASER-B31
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Beavertail Style

Designed to provide users of G-Series Airsoft pistols with enhanced ergonomics and a tactical edge, this supplementary pistol grip fits over your Marui/KSC G17 gas blowback pistol's grip and features a built in laser. 

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Lightweight, comfortable and incredibly easy to operate, this rubberised tactical grip is an excellent addition to any Airsofter's Marui/KSC G17 gas blowback Airsoft pistol. Just like the real backstrap that it's based on, this backstrap features a built in red laser, which allows users to ensure that their Airsoft pistol is pointing towards their target. The laser is operated by a pressure pad built into the grip, meaning you can operate it entirely with one hand. Because of the low profile nature of the laser and where it sits on the weapon, this laser is appropriate for some holsters that normally wouldn't accept a laser. This laser grip is a perfect choice for any Airsofters who want to put a laser on their G17, but don't want a traditional under barrel unit. An excellent option for users of retention style holsters. 


  • Red Laser
  • Laser runs along side profile of pistol
  • Lightweight Design
  • Beavertail style pressure pad
  • Easy to install, just like backstraps
  • Suitable for some holsters that don't usually fit a laser/light

Package Includes:

  • Pistol Laser Grip



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Item Colour
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Rubberised Polymer, with built in rubber pressure pad controls

Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 0.02kg

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Weapon Platform