Battleaxe Polymer Magazine Coupler for PMAG

  • Twin PMAG Coupler
  • Allows Tactical Reloads
  • Lightweight Construction

A magazine coupler designed for use with Airsoft replica PMAG type magazines. 

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Constructed in 2 halves from Lightweight and Durable Polymer, this Coupler is a Clamp design, which simply locks into place around 2 Airsoft PMAGs, and is held in place by 2 Allen Screws, ensuring rock-solid and secure retention of your Magazines. The Coupler holds the magazines tightly together, but with enough space between them to allow them to be inserted into your Airsoft gun. By connecting 2 magazines together, holding them 'Jungle Style', you can drastically increase your reload speeds by quickly swapping magazines, without the need for frantically fumbling around in pouches in the middle of the game. Small but incredibly practical, this PMAG Magazine Coupler is an excellent purchase for any Airsofter wanting to spend more time shooting, and less time reloading.


  • Lightweight Polymer Magazine Couplers
  • Carry 2 PMAGs 'Jungle Style' 
  • Stack up multiple magazines making it easier to reload
  • Allows you to connect two magazine
  • Reduce Reload Times
  • Compatible with a wide range of AEG PMAG type magazines

Package Includes:

  • Polymer Magazine Coupler for PMAG



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Magazine Accessory
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