BELL AN/PEQ2A Style Battery Case Box

Code: M-58
  • Dummy PEQ Box
  • Hide Battery Inside
  • Improve Battery Space

A large size dummy PEQ Box for enhancing the look of your replica, or for hiding a battery inside to improve the battery capacity of a front-wired Airsoft gun.

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This Dummy PEQ Box is made from Polymer and is hollow inside, the idea being that you install a battery inside it and run the cable through one of the openings to connect to your Airsoft Electric Gun. This is ideal for front wired guns with a railed handguard, which otherwise have a small battery space in the original handguard. By installing this on your front rail, you can run the Tamiya Connector outside the handguard and connect it to a much larger battery installed inside the PEQ box. The AN/PEQ2A is a completely dummy unit, and is only for show and/or hiding a battery. It can take most batteries up to and including a 7.4v 2600mAH and will install to 20mm RIS rails.. To access the inside of the unit, simply pull off the rear plate - no need to mess around with fiddly screws.


  • Dummy Equipment
  • Replica PEQ Box
  • Hollow Internals
  • Can Hide Battery Inside
  • Improve Battery Capacity
  • Perfect for Front Wired
  • Easy to Use
  • Pull Back Panel to Access
  • Mock Switches & Dials
  • For 20mm RIS Rails

Package Includes

  • BELL AN/PEQ2A Style Battery Case Box



Tactical Equipment Type
Dummy Equipment
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.1kg
Product Height
Approx. 2cm
Product Length
Approx. 14cm
Product Width
Approx. 6.5cm


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