Cyber Gun Gas Magazine Valve Tool

Cyber Gun
Code: 603556
  • For Gas Airsoft Magazine
  • For Removing Gas Valves
  • For Inlet & Knocker Valves

An essential tool for any gas Airsoft player's tool kit: a valve tool which can be used to quickly and easily remove inlet and knocker valves from magazines without having to invent your own home made tool and accidentally causing damage to your valuable magazine.

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Being a specialised tool and hard to come by the standard plan of action for any beginner tech is to bodge together their own custom tool to remove valves, or even use a flat head screwdriver, which can cause damage to the part. This is a problem no more: now you can purchase the right tool for the job with no worries of causing damage to parts.

The tool is designed to be used to remove both the gas inlet valve, along with the knocker valve allowing you to quickly and easily tear down your magazines for much needed maintenance. 

99% of gas magazine problems are caused by poorly lubricated seals, so save yourself time and money on buying new magazines: grab this tool, some lube, and try and save some money by restoring your old magazines.

Whether you're looking to replace your valves, or are simply stripping down your magazine for maintenance and lubrication this is the perfect tool for the job, and a must have essential tool for any self respecting Airsoft tech's kit bag. 


  • For Inlet and Knocker Valves
  • For gas Airsoft magazine
  • For removing gas valves
  • Removable bar for inserting a screwdriver
  • A must have for any Gas Airsoft Player
  • Strong metal construction

Package Includes:

  • Gas Magazine Valve Tool



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