Choosing the right BB can MASSIVELY increase range & accuracy!

Don't go cheap! We only stock tried and tested BBs that we would trust in our own Airsoft guns. From AEG to GBB Pistols and Rifles, precision tight-bore barrels and very high rate of fire builds. Everything we stock we approve! 

Do not use low quality BBs! When choosing which BBs to buy please ensure you only use BB's which we sell or recommend.  We only sell the BB's which we will use in our own Airsoft Guns. If you use any other brand it will void your warranty with ourselves.

Just because a Brand claims it is premium, does not mean it is. We only recommend any BB by: ASG, G&G, NUPROL, ARES and SWISS Arms. Whether you choose to purchase from us or from another retailer, for the sake of your gun, please only stick to reputable brands.

It's also important to choose the right weight BB for your particular setup. At the end of the day it will be trial and error, depending on the age and condition of your internals, the barrel length, FPS and weather conditions alters the "ideal" BB weight.

Typically a 0.20g weight BB is used if you are on an incredibly tight budget or using a low FPS rifle/pistol. Alternatively they make great "expendable" ammunition for support gunners or those who just love to go full auto crazy.

A 0.25g round is the most recommended weight of BB out there! For fresh out of the box guns, those who have slight upgrades. The extra 0.05g can make a humongous difference to your Airsoft Rifle/Pistols accuracy and can improve the range of your weapon. Do not scrimp, invest and experiment and you could find yourself being more accurate and saving money from having to fire fewer rounds.

0.28g BBs are the most recommended for Airsofters who are running an upgraded hop rubber and inner barrel and want there shots to truly count. With it being slightly heavier on the scale you can expect the ability to punch through vegetation and handle slight breezes far better than something lighter.

0.30g BBs are for those with a truly custom hop-up unit and other modifications such as an R hop or a very hard hop rubber usually 70 degree or harder. A recommended "minimal weight" for those with a DMR/Sniper rifle. 

0.32g BBs are typically used by those who have experimented and found their rifles lift a 0.30g a little too easily and can't quite lift anything significantly heavier. The 0.02g once again makes a dramatic difference in range or accuracy mostly at the end of the BB's flight path.

0.40g and heavier BBs are an absolute must for those running rifles and compatible hop unit and rubbers. You also need a fair bit of power behind one, otherwise you may as well go backwards and go for a slightly lighter BB option. A 0.40g and heaver BB is typically used in a rifle that is either out of the box shooting above 440fps or upgraded to handle and spin this weight. Use these BB's sparingly, efficiency is key and only shoot if you know you are going to take the target out! Stock up on them whilst you can as they are quire hard to find in stock around the world most months.