Evolution Airsoft - Brand Showcase

Evolution Airsoft - Brand Showcase

The Airsoft market has been densely populated by hundreds upon thousands of basic electric AR-15 / M4 replicas that have been around for many years, offering basic features and leaving the user with the feeling that your brand new airsoft rifle already needs an upgrade. Evolution airsoft has decided to raise the bar in terms of what a High Quality gun really is; offering a multitude of features, from a pre-upgraded version.2 gearbox, electronic trigger units along with outstanding external build quality, Evolution are breaking into the airsoft market with their revolutionary design, and we know you guys are going to love them!

Evolution Airsoft M40

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

First on our list of Evolution airsoft top picks is the M40 spring powered bolt action airsoft sniper rifle. Sounds cool right? Wait until you have it in your hands! The Evolution Airsoft M40 is styled after the M40A3 rifle, used famously by the Scout Snipers of the United States Marine Corps. The rifle's stock offers a great combination of modularity and comfort, giving you the flexibility to mount whatever suits the mission. A good quality, affordable airsoft M40 has been the deep desire of many an Airsofters heart for a long time, finally, it has arrived!

The Iconic M40 provides the end user with a modern, tactical precision airsoft rifle, providing features out of the box that competitors simply do not. Its spring powered, meaning no hidden costs such as batteries or gas, and is fully compatible with VSR-10 upgrades coming out of the box ready to use at any skirmish site in the country! High end external features such as two options for mounting a bipod, an extended scope mount, a height-adjustable cheek piece and a butt plate that can be reconfigured to alter the length of pull to suit all body types are the icing on the cake for this Sniper rifle. The handguard and pistol grip feature comfortable texturing, allowing you to keep a firm grip on the rifle in all conditions, even after crawling through the wet mud of your favourite Airsoft field!

The awesome looks aren't all this replica offers, being compatible with the airsoft Tokyo Marui VSR 10 opens up a whole world of upgrade possibilities. Replacement hop up units, Buckings, springs, trigger components and even replacement gas bolts are available for this remarkably flexible platform. Should your local site allow higher FPS for single action replicas this M40 allows you to push the limits on range and accuracy into the territory of airsoft guns costing many times as much. The VSR 10 internal design is universally regarded as the best airsoft spring sniper rifle platform, Evolution airsoft has not reinvented the wheel here, just updated it for the 21st century. 

Evolution Recon MK18

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

Styled after the famous MK18 mod.1 as used by many branches like the US Special forces including Navy Seals, Delta Force, and Army Rangers, the Evolution airsoft Recon MK18 combines authentic external appearance with a high-end internal feature set, including reinforced steel gears and a 6.01 tight bore barrel. The MK18 mod.1 was selected as an upgraded upper receiver by USSOCOM due to the need for a 10" free floated handguard in order to increase accuracy, as well as an uninterrupted upper rail surface to facilitate mounting of Scopes, Optics, and laser aiming modules.

This airsoft rifle has 20mm rail top to bottom, with the CNC Machined Aluminium handguard meeting the receiver in a "monolithic" fashion, giving that sleek,  modern AR15 look we all find irresistible, as well as space enough to mount about 12 Holographic 552s (backwards if you are a heretic). It includes effective flip-up sights, an ergonomic "gunfighter" style pistol grip and a Crane stock providing a large volume of space for your battery. It also has all the classic Airsoft AR features we've come to love such as a rotary hop, 14mm CCW thread, and the ability to be used with a multitude of M4 Magazines.

The combination of a Rotary Hop Unit, 6.01 mm tight bore inner barrel, reinforced piston, reinforced Steel gears, reinforced gearbox shell and reinforced steel ball bearings mean if you like upgrading your skirmish tools you will have very little to do with this one! Perhaps you can use the extra free time you'll have to paint this thing, as the only thing I can see that is missing from this gorgeous airsoft AEG is a battle-worn paint job! I'll leave that to you, as much as it would add that authentic "been to the sandbox" look it would hurt my very soul to paint such a well finished airsoft RIF. 

Evolution Ghost XS EMR Carbontech ETU

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

Looking for an AR that can fit in your pocket? Sick and tired of getting shot in the fingertips when you are shooting from a corner? The Evolution Airsoft Ghost XS may be the answer to your prayers.

The Ghost series of Evolution Airsoft replicas give the practical airsoft skirmisher a serious edge, combining upgraded high-speed internals with an Electronic trigger unit and Techno-polymer construction. This allows this battery powered airsoft replica to weigh approximately the same as a loaf of bread whilst maintaining excellent scratch and drop resistance. The ETU provides a faster trigger response, protects the electrical components inside the gun, and allows it to run more efficiently and for longer than other AEGs. 

The Ghost XS airsoft rifle features a 6.01mm tight bore inner barrel combined with a rotary hop unit, meaning if you don't play CQB with this AEG you won't be outgunned amongst the long bois at the Woodland Sites. The 14mm CCW thread on the tip of the CNC machined aluminium outer barrel allows you to attach Suppressors and tracer units. The quick removal spring guide within the modified version.2 gearbox gives the FPS obsessed player the flexibility to switch springs depending on-site limits, meaning you can always run a Ghost series of Evolution Airsoft AR15/M4 platform on the edge of the allowed performance parameters, taking every unfair advantage in-game - as you always should. 

The sleek, compact aluminium M-LOK front set installed on the "XS" model, coupled with the "gunfighter" style pistol grip and a modernised Crane style battery stock give you all the latest ergonomic advantages out of the box, allowing you to rightly dominate your local CQB Airsoft site. Textured areas on the Technopolymer receiver ensure you have full control of your GHOST XS airsoft rifle at all times. The integrated trigger guard is enlarged to allow the use of gloves, as is to be expected in a modern, tactical airsoft AR15 AEG platform. 

The advantages of choosing an AR15/ M4 patterned PDW over others are numerous in the Airsoft world. The sheer variety of available magazines is staggering, with almost too much choice on how to feed your replica. With real capacity, mid-cap, high cap and even drum magazines available for the Ghost XS you can run your airsoft rifle to suit your own style of play. The AR/ M4 platform airsoft AEG also has by far the largest aftermarket in the industry, meaning if for some reason you don't like the slick modern PDW appearance of the Evolution Airsoft Ghost XS you have a whole ocean of components to access to make the Evolution Airsoft Ghost XS truly your own. 

Whilst new and relatively unknown in the UK, Evolution Airsoft, is a massive Airsoft Brand in Italy. Offering an absolute plethora of high quality Airsoft guns to suit all tastes for both CQB and Outdoor play and considering all budgets! We here at Patrol Base are proud to introduce this flagship Italian brand to the UK Airsoft scene. If you'd like to ask any questions about the products mentioned or if you have any general inquiries please feel free to get in touch on 01484644709 or drop us an email at sales@patrolbase.co.uk.