Staff Loadouts: Stu

Staff Loadouts: Stu

In today's Staff Loadout blog we're going to be taking a look at the Livestream Legend himself, Stu. 

Stu/Stuart is our inhouse photographer & sister-site administrator, you've probably seen him if you've attended Halo Mill Proving Grounds at some point ( If you haven't yet, you can book on HERE ) Stu also recently became the star of our 4:00 PM daily live stream - PB-TV, in which he covers all of the latest Airsoft Guns, Gear & Equipment added to our already mahoosive stock line. The wizard beard-bearing man himself is an avid gun nut like many of us here and favours the realm of realism when it comes to his playstyle, which quite evidently translates onto his loadout, lets take a look, shall we?

Got some time to kill? You can view the full loadout breakdown via the video below! 

The Primary


Systema PTW

The SYSTEMA PTW ( Professional Training Weapon ) is a premium line AEG / Airsoft Gun built to an extremely high spec and designed to provide the end-user with an authentic, immersive and realistic experience.

Known for their unique internal configurations, Systema PTW's offer an array of customization options allowing you to adapt your primary to your playstyle via the interchangeable power cylinders, which we'll refer to as IPC's. Whether you're living your operator life and C-clamping your way around built-up areas or traversing through a treescape, IPC's allow you to alter your power output/velocity accordingly within just 10 seconds of tinkering, hows that for modding on the move! 

Behind the scenes we asked Stu "Why the PTW?" and his response is as follows. "Because I feel like I could break a wall down with it". I think that pretty much says it all.

Stu is what we'll call a multi-regional player, from Denmark to the United States Stu has attended some of the biggest Airsoft events the industry has to offer, but with all this travelling and country-hopping comes the responsibility of ensuring your kit is compliant with the local regulations and velocity limits, which is why Stu has chosen the S-PTW as he can alter/change the output velocity according to the country he's in during his tactical-travels. 

Stu's runs with a minimal amount of attachments/accessories and keeps his rifle furnished for practicality rather than aesthetics, although I'm sure we can all agree that Custom Systema PTW is looking pretty good. Minimally adorned with a Ghost 3X Magnifier, a Vector Optics Red Dot and a NUPROL PEQ, it's practical with all the tactical! Okay, that's enough drooling, for now, let's take a closer look at Stu's primary shall we? 👀 not that one! His Airsoft primary!

The Attachments

Stus Systema

Stus Systema 2
The attachments are seen to provide Stu with a reliable, adaptable and versatile primary allowing him to adapt his sight picture and method of handling to the environment he's playing in or the target he's aiming at. Rocking a Ghost 3X FTS ( Flip To Side ) Magnifier along with the MAVERICK 1X22 MIL RDS allows him to switch quickly from CQC and close-range engagements to mid-range combat, giving him that extra bit of visual reach and advantage over his opponent.

Stus Systema 3
Also attached to his PTW is the NPQ15 Laser / Light module, a RIS mounted PEQ box with a functioning Laser + Light providing great assistance for shoulder-firing without aiming down your sights, also known as point-firing. In addition, it also features an IR laser built-in, so if you run night vision equipment you'll be able to aim your gun without the need to aim down the sights, allowing for a proper tactical sweep. Nothing like a clean house.

Getting a little jealous of Stu's weapon? Most are, Not to worry though, you can grab the attachments seen above via the images below!

Ghost 3x Magnifier
Mavervick Optical
CTR Stock

The Gear

Stus Helmet
Stu's runs a PTS Syndicate MTEK Flux Helmet as his go-to lid. PTS are renowned for their high-quality reliable product lines and the Flux helmet is certainly one of PTS's finest developments. THE PTS Syndicate MTEK FLUX Helmet is the officially licensed replica of MTEK's FLUX Carbon Helmet, designed for the 21st Century operator. The name Flux is an acronym for Future, Lightweight, Undercut, eXpandable and is derived from the Latin "Fluxus", meaning "flow". The design of the helmet is intended to follow the natural contours of the head offering the wearer unparalleled comfort and stability, even over extended periods of wear, a great choice for the full day skirmisher.

Mounted on the front of his Flux via the Wilcox style shroud is a Norotos NVGmount and a single Cobra Demon night vision monocular, making for an easy switch from outdoor combat to an indoor blackout. Also enhancing Stu's combat versatility is his pair of Flux mounted EARMOR M32's, an advanced headset that provides combat-focused hearing protection as well as the opportunity for linking communication devices. The headset picks up the ambient noises around you (and can amplify them if necessary), but automatically limits the volume of loud 'bangs' like blank firing grenades to a level that, whilst still audible, won't risk damaging your hearing. This volume reduction is detected and applied within a staggering 0.5 milliseconds!

Stus Chest Rig
On top of the Night Grid UBAC, stuffed with PTS EPM Magazines and adorned with Morale Patches is Stu's TEMPLARS GEAR ROC Plate Carrier. The Templar's Gear CPC ROC Plate Carrier is an extremely high-quality Plate Carrier designed for Airsoft and real-world operations, made to combine an advanced tactical design, with lightweight and low-profile materials and a bit of black magic (in the form of Infrared Treatment), to create one of the world's finest Plate Carriers. As we've said already Stu's a MIL-SIM junky, as such he also rocks a set of Trevial training Plate inserts, which when fitted prevent the carrier from riding up and interfering with your equipment as well as making for a realistic feeling and secure plate carrier. Fitted to the front panel of his Plate Carrier is an EMERSON MK3 adaptable magazine panel, with adjustable and customisable inserts to accommodate a multitude of magazine styles the panel can be seen buckled onto a pair of MOLLE buckle up tabs.

Stus Pouch
Moving on down to the lower region you'll find Stu's dangler.....his Hayley Strategic dangler that is. A tactical pouch by the popular tac gear company: Hayley Strategic Partners is fitted to the velcro panel on his PC and is used to store any small items and accessories that Stu might need when he's out on the field such as his Odin speed loader, all while adding to the realism factor of Stu's modern operator loadout.

Thank you for reading our Staff Loadout blog, there will be many more to come so stay tuned! Don't forget to also tune into our social media channels for all the latest in the world of Airsoft.