HASTA Headway Free Float M-LOK Handguard for M4/AR-15

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  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • M-LOK/20mm Hybrid handguard for M4/AR-15
  • Ultra-slim design with weight-reducing ports

If you have plans to style up your M4 or there is a custom build in the works, the HASTA Headway Free Float M-LOK handguard should fit the bill. This CNC aluminium free float handguard adds M-LOK on the sides and bottom with 20mm Picatinny up top in a remarkably slim design well suited to those who prefer the slimmest handguard possible. The Headway is designed for M4/AR-15 Airsoft guns, both AEGs and GBBRs.

Included with the handguard is an aluminium barrel nut which is pre-installed inside the handguard, requiring an M4/AR-15 armourers' wrench or barrel nut tool to install. The upper rail slots are numerically marked so you can keep track of where you prefer your accessories, and between the M-LOK slots, we have attractive angled vent ports which help reduce weight and provide a modern aesthetic. 

If your objective is to save weight on your AR or you want to give it an ergonomic upgrade with ample accessory options, the HASTA Headway Free Float is the handguard you want!

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The HASTA Headway Free Float Handguard is constructed from CNC machined aluminium for the tight tolerances necessary to mount accessories reliably and is supplied with an aluminium barrel nut, shaving off some weight when compared to the usual steel barrel nut. This handguard is the ideal choice for those who want M-LOK availability while having the slimmest possible handguard to suit modern shooting stances. 

The Headway is available in both 7" and 9" length options, suitable for super short CQB builds or midlength builds designed to handle any challenge. M-LOK slots are present at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions, punctuated by weight-reducing vent ports cut at an angle, keeping the front end light and pointable while adding a touch of modern styling to the mix. 

Up top, we have a 20mm Picatinny rail with numerically marked rail slots, allowing you to keep track of where you prefer your accessories and save time during setup, especially if you like to swap your accessories between different platforms. Below the 20mm rail, we have more weight reduction in the form of circular vents, ensuring you don't need to carry any more weight than is necessary when rocking the Headway Free Float. 

If your M4 makes you yawn and needs a style up, or it makes your arms and shoulders burn after holding it up for 30 seconds, the HASTA Headway Free Float M-LOK handguard is what you need! 


  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • 7" and 9" options available
  • Skeletonised design - Very low weight, fast to point
  • Angled weight-reducing vent ports at the offset angles 
  • Very slim profile - Perfect for those who like the slimmest possible handguard
  • Aluminium barrel nut included - Pre-installed in the handguard
  • Replaces the original handguard and barrel nut of your M4/AR-15 platform
  • 20mm Picatinny rail at 12 o'clock - Ready for 20mm Picatinny accessories
  • Numerically marked rail slots - Keep track of your accessories' mounting position
  • M-LOK slots at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock - Ready for M-LOK accessories or 20mm rail adapters
  • Requires an M4/AR-15 barrel nut wrench to install
  • Compatible with most M4/AR-15 AEG and GBBR platforms

Package Includes

  • HASTA Headway Free Float M-LOK Handguard for M4/AR-15
  • Allen key



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Barrel Nut
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CNC aluminium handguard, aluminium barrel nut, steel bolts.

Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 6cm
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Approx. 18cm, Approx. 23cm,
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Approx. 4cm
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Approx. 0.194kg, Approx. 0.232kg,

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Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS , M-LOK Rail system,
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AR, Assault Rifle,