Highlander Walking Gaiters - Water Resistant XTP Ripstop

Code: GAT001-BK
  • 600D XTP Ripstop fabric
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Walking gaiters - Great for bad weather

If you're sick and tired of a spot of rain making your day uncomfortable, a pair of walking gaiters can make all the difference when the weather turns grey. The Highlander Walking Gaiters are constructed from 600D XTP Ripstop fabric with a water-resistant coating and are intended to be worn over boots and trousers to cover the gap between the two, offering protection from the elements and ticks whilst preventing water from seeping in through your boot laces. These gaiters are lightweight and can easily be thrown on over your clothing, meaning you can keep them in a pouch or bag and be ready for the inevitability of rain.

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The Highlander Walking Gaiters are a great choice if you seek to improve your comfort when out and about in the rain, whether you are Airsoft skirmishing, hiking, cycling or just taking the dog out for a walk. The gaiters bridge the gap between your boots and your trousers with water-resistant XTP Ripstop fabric to keep water, mud and ticks out.

These gaiters feature elasticated ankle bands and adjustable stirrups to prevent them from slipping around on your leg and inhibiting your mobility, and also include storm flaps covering the zip to prevent water ingress. Wearing gaiters can make all the difference to your comfort when skirmishing in poor weather, and are also handy to have if you enjoy other outdoor pursuits such as camping or hiking.

The compact nature of these gaiters makes them easy to fit in a spare pouch or keep in the bottom of your kitbag for when they are needed. With these gaiters in your kit, you can pop them on quickly and without taking off your boots, and smugly enjoy being dry and comfortable whilst everyone else is moaning about the rain!


  • 600D XTP Ripstop fabric construction
  • Side zips with storm flaps
  • Elasticated top drawcord
  • Elasticated ankle bands
  • Robust adjustable stirrups
  • Keep water, mud and ticks out!
  • One size fits all (Adult)
  • Easy to put on and take off quickly
  • Compact when folded - Easy storage

Package Includes

  • Highlander Walking Gaiters - Water Resistant XTP Ripstop



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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.307kg
One Size Fits All
Age Group
Patrol Base | Icon | Adult


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600D XTP Ripstop
Water Resistant

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