KRYTAC Enhanced Pistol Grip for M4/AR15 AEG

Code: KRYpgrip
  • Enhanced pistol grip design
  • "KRISS" markings on either side
  • Motor baseplate included

An aftermarket pistol grip is one of those parts which change the entire feel of your rifle, being the difference between it feeling like an object and feeling like an extension of your body. The KRYTAC Enhanced Pistol Grip has a similar grip angle to common and well-loved M style grips, but with subtle finger grooves added and a reprofiled upper section which transitions to the receiver seamlessly, improving comfort and addressing an area that is known to cause discomfort with other pistol grips for the M4/AR15 design.

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The KRYTAC Enhanced Pistol Grip is constructed from high density polymer, and has a mild texturing to the outside for enhanced grip and a high quality feel. This pistol grip is shaped to more naturally fit the hand, and is leaps and bounds above the standard A2 grip in comfort for most users, especially those with smaller hands.

The grip features a widened area where your palm sits, comfortably filling your hand and allowing you to grip the same area consistently without the need for an often obtrusive finger ridge. That said, the KRYTAC grip does include finger ridges, but they are very subtle and low profile; intended to provide comfort and a perfect fit for a wide variety of hand sizes and shapes. The finger ridges are found on the front face of the grip, together with vertical linear texturing to provide some additional friction when operating in wet conditions.

At the top of the pistol grip, where it meets the receiver, this KRYTAC grip telegraphs its pedigree with the word "KRISS" cleanly moulded into either side in the stylish KRISS/KRYTAC font. This pistol grip is compatible with the vast majority of M4/AR15 AEG receivers, and includes its own motor base plate with steel motor height adjustment screw.


  • High density polymer construction
  • "KRISS" branding on either side
  • Comfortable grip angle
  • Discrete finger ridges
  • Vertical linear texture for added grip
  • Includes motor base plate w/ motor height adjustment screw
  • Exceedingly comfortable!

Package Includes

  • KRYTAC Enhanced Pistol Grip for M4/AR15 AEG



External Part Type
Grip, Motor Base Plate, Grips & Stock,
Package Includes
Pistol grip
Motor Baseplate


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
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Polymer with steel motor height adjustment screw

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.067kg

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