Airsoft Hi-capa / 2011 Style GBB Pistols - A Quick Run-Down

Airsoft Basics: What is a Hi-capa?

What is a Hi-capa?

The real world Hi-capa pistol descends from the venerable 1911 pistol which saw the US Military through two world wars and the Vietnam conflict. Being a bit of a boomer pistol, the 1911 needed an update for the 21st century to cut it amongst the Glocks and Sigs, and that update came in the form of the STI 2011 pistol, a 1911 platform with a modular grip assembly which accepts double stacked magazines, increasing the capacity of the 1911 platform considerably. 

The first Airsoft Hi-capa was made by Airsoft legends, Tokyo Marui, who introduced their Hi-capa 5.1 GBB pistol in response to the increasing popularity of AIPSC in Japan, which is essentially competitive shooting with Airsoft pistols against the clock. Skirmishers rapidly got on board the Hi-capa train when it became evident the large gas reservoir of the Hi-capa gave it a true edge when it comes to rapid firing, and now the Hi-capa is a skirmish staple!

Fast forwards a couple of decades and Airsofters now have a multitude of Hi-capa pistols at their disposal, ranging from full metal Hi-capas from WE and Army Armament to Tokyo Marui's more recent Hi-capa revamp, the Hi-capa 5.1 Gold Match GBB pistol. If you want to see some cool Hi-capas available right now in a ton of unique flavours, check out our Hi-capa Catagories video below!

Hi-capa Types

Hi-capas come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes, with split slides or full slides, and to decide which Hi-capa suits you most you may want some intel on each type and what they do best. Hi-capas are usually named for the barrel length, with the numerical part of the name denoting the length in inches. Click each header below for more info on each Hi-capa type!

Hi-capa 5.1

Hi-capa 4.3

Hi-capa 3.8

Full Slide Hi-capas

Full Slide Hi-capas

Hi-capa Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP)

Whilst the surface of the Airsoft Hi-capa world has barely been scratched here, the sheer number of options available to the Hi-capa user means if I detailed every single one in this article it would be dictionary length! Speed-soft obsessed? There's a racy bright coloured swiss-cheesed Hi-capa for you. 

Milsim player who detests garish guns? We have gentlemanly Hi-capas available also, with no-frills functionality and classic aesthetics. The vast range of Hi-capa pistols provides for both ends of the Airsoft spectrum and everyone in between. If you have decided the Hi-capa platform is the one for you, take a look at our Hi-capa selection by clicking the button below, or check out our Top 5 Full Metal Hi-capa GBBs here!

Show me the Hi-Capas

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