Lees Precision Engineering O-Ring Repair Kit for KSC/KWA M4 Magazines Large Kit

Lees Precision Engineering
Code: VRK-012
  • For KSC & KWA M4
  • Silent Fill Conversion
  • Enough For 8 x Magazines

A handy kit created for both KWA and KSC type M4 Gas Airsoft magazines, designed to allow you to replace your existing O-Rings which are damaged or worn to bring them back to brand new condition, and give your magazine a new lease of life!

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 The O-Rings are direct replacements for the originals which come with the magazine, and features release valve O-Rings, fill valve O-Rings, silent fill valve O-Rings. There are enough components in this set to allow you to convert up to 8 of your magazines to Silent Fill. These kits are supplied in a handy compartmentalised carry case, with individual compartments allowing you to store the various O-Rings, or similar small (and easily lost!) components while you work on your magazines. These kits are ideal for keeping handy in a kit bag or tool box without the parts going missing, or suddenly find a leaky magazine just before a skirmish.


  • High quality O-Rings
  • Enough Components for 8 Magazines
  • Sufficient to Convert 8 Magazines to Silent Fill
  • Repair Leaking KWA & KSC M4 GBB Magazines
  • Fixes magazines where no more are available
  • Reduce gas escape while filling with Silent Fill Valve O-Rings
  • Convenient Storage Case to Store Small Parts 

Package Includes:

  • 24 x Release Valve O-Rings
  • 16 x Fill Valve O-Rings
  • 8 x Silent Fill Valve O-Rings 
  • Compartmentalised Carry/Storage Box 



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