Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner Barrel

Maple Leaf
  • Brass and steel construction
  • Air cushion inner barrel 
  • Upgraded inner barrel for GBB/VSR

This unique range of barrels by Maple Leaf is designed to produce consistent air flow and pressure behind every BB as it leaves the barrel. The Maple Leaf Crazy Jet will enhance the accuracy of your GBB/VSR replica and pairs perfectly with a Maple Leaf HOP-up bucking for unparalleled range. This barrel is for GBB pistols with a TM style HOP-up/inner barrel and will also fit WE and VFC GBBRs, the VSR-10 Sniper rifle platform and its clones. 

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Installing a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet into any Airsoft gun is one of the most effective upgrades possible, especially when coupled with an aftermarket HOP-up rubber.

The principle behind this barrel's design is to provide an ultra stable air cushion surrounding the BB for the entire duration of its journey down the barrel, to prevent the BB from impacting the sides of the barrel which can cause fliers and accuracy issues, even in tight bore barrel setups. This is known as the "wide bore" principle, which is intended to provide similar performance to tight bore inner barrels whilst minimising the chances of jams, and reducing the frequency of necessary barrel cleaning. 

The Maple Leaf Crazy Jet takes this principle, and adds their own innovation with the "jet stream" system, which ensures that the BB also exits the barrel without making contact; correcting one of the downfalls of the wide bore barrel and providing performance that is widely recognized as a vast improvement over tight bore barrels, particularly when used in a gas-powered RIF. 


  • Designed by Maple Leaf 
  • Perfect part for those looking to maximise the performance of their pistol or rifle
  • Has specially designed channels to modify air flow as it leaves the barrel
  • 'Jet Stream' achieved by allowing the air to travel faster around the edges of the barrel
  • Makes shots more stable and consistent 
  • Brass barrel with steel tip
  • For GBB/VSR barrel and HOP-up compatible Airsoft guns
  • Branded:
    • 'Maple Leaf'

Package Includes

  • Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner Barrel 



Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Parts Fitting
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Silver, Brass,
Product Length
Approx. 30cm, Approx. 43cm,
Part for Power Source Type

Barrel Specific

Barrel Compatibility
Gas / VSR Type
Recommended Guns
  • VSR
  • GBBR with TM GBB HOP bucking compatibility
Inner Barrel Length
Inner Barrel Construction

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