Airsoft Basics: What is a Shotgun?

Airsoft Basics: What is a Shotgun?

In the real world, a Shotgun is a long-barreled firearm which fires multiple pellets, known as "shot" from a single straight walled cartridge, known as a "shell". 

Also being capable of firing single projectiles, known as "slugs", and a variety of special loads from less-lethal "beanbag" shells to the famous Hatton door breaching round used by the SAS, Shotguns are one of the most versatile firearms available today, and serve in practically all Military and Law Enforcement organisations in the world. 

So, what is an Airsoft Shotgun? Put simply, an Airsoft shotgun is a compressed air or gas-powered replica of a real world shotgun design which fires 6mm BBs and is suitable for Airsoft skirmishing. 

Airsoft shotguns come in many different shapes, and sizes, and with different capabilities on the Airsoft battlefield. 

If you want to learn more about the different types of Airsoft shotguns out there so you can make the right choice for you, read on for our breakdown! 

Pump Action Shotguns

Ah, the classic pumpy! This is what most people picture when they hear the word "shotgun", and it should come as no surprise that most Airsoft shotguns are replicas of pump action shotguns as they are so prolific in popular culture and serve with practically every Military and Armed Police unit in the world. 

This type of shotgun is manually cocked using a pump at the front which is connected to the action via "cocking bars", making the pump action shotgun very easy to cock quickly which lends itself perfectly to its role of room-to-room combat domination. 

If you want the powerful feel and menacing audio of racking the pump back before each shot, a pump action is definitely your thing, but pump actions come in several different flavours for Airsoft. Let's take a look at what is out there!

Single Shot Spring Action

Tri-Shot Spring Action

Tri-Shot Gas Powered 

Shell Ejecting Gas Powered 

Automatic Electric Shotguns

Why use a Shotgun?

Shotguns are best used in CQB where the advantages of a multi-shot spread pattern can help you gain a quick hit on a target that is only exposed for a fraction of a second, or a fast moving enemy player.

The realistic pump action operation is a big draw for Shotguns, and many skirmishers have one in their arsenal for the odd occasion they want to enjoy the feel and sound of racking the pump before each shot. 

Skirmishing with a Shotgun is a challenging playstyle, akin to that of a Sniper, and a Shotgunner must be willing to choose their shots and time when they enter a room to take advantage of the enemy dropping their guard. 

Tri-shot Shotguns don't have the range an assault rifle has, and are far better suited to close ranged engagements than longer ranges where you will have to close ground to be effective. 

Electric Shotguns are well suited to being used outdoors as ambush weapons and have the capability to take out several enemy players in rapid succession. Like other Shotguns, electric Shotguns are well suited to energetic, aggressive players who like to be up front in the vanguard getting all the kills. 

There you have it! You can now go out into the world more well equipped to choose the right Airsoft shotgun for you! If you are ready to rack that pump and get blasting, check out our range of Airsoft shotguns by clicking the button below!

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