Airsoft FAQ: What is a Two-Tone?

Airsoft FAQ: What is a Two-Tone?

What is a Two-Tone Airsoft Gun?

CYMA CM.520 AK47 Tactical

Two-tone Airsoft guns are imitation firearms (IFs) which are finished in bright, unrealistic colours, either from the factory or by an Airsoft retailer. Two-tone Airsoft guns came about to allow new skirmishers to purchase an Airsoft gun before acquiring a skirmish site membership or UKARA as a defence from prosecution under the Violent Crime Reduction Act (2006).


For the purposes of the VCRA, the Government defines an Imitation firearm as an RIF that is either unrealistic in size, unrealistic in colour, or a replica of a real firearm that was designed prior to the year 1870. 


As far as that concerns us Airsofters, this means to qualify as an IF, our VCRA-compliant replicas need to have over 51% of their surface area finished in an 'unrealistic' colour. 

This is where the two-tone replicas come from, and why they exist. An 'unrealistic' colour is a colour that you would not generally find on a real firearm that would, in theory, enable the general public to identify the replica as unrealistic at a distance. 

G&G CM16 Raider S Pre Two-Tone

This does not mean you can walk around carrying your Two-Tone openly, as this is still an offence. Regardless of colour, the Two-Tone gun will still be treated as if it were a real firearm by the authorities.

WE Galaxy GBB Pistol; Pre Two-Tone Purple

Patrol Base offers Two-Tone paint finishes in red, blue, green and pink for any Airsoft gun on our website, as well as a selection of Pre Two-Tone Airsoft guns which are finished in VCRA-compliant colours from the factory. This means you don't have to wait for UKARA or a site membership to get shooting!

Now you know your stuff on Two Tones, perhaps you would like to check some out. If so, click the button below to see our Two Tone Airsoft gun selection! Alternatively, you can check out our Choosing Your First AEG guide for advice on what to look for when it comes to equipping yourself for the Airsoft battlefield. 

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