NUPROL Male Tamiya To Male Deans Connector

Code: 8079-NP
  • Useful Adapter
  • Female Mini Tamiya
  • Male Deans Connector

A long-awaited Male Tamiya to Male Deans Adapter, which will install to the wire coming from your gun and allow you to connect Deans batteries to a Mini Tamiya connected Gun. Even if you don't own Deans batteries, its a good adapter to own as you never know when you'll be caught out at a skirmish and need to borrow a battery - and we guarantee the only battery available will be on a Deans connection.

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To avoid confusion, whilst the Tamiya plug looks like it is Female, the "gender" of a Tamiya connector is to do with the pins inside, and not the Polymer sheath.


  • Very Useful Adapter
  • Male Mini Tamiya
  • Male Deans Connector
  • Tough Heatshrink
  • Short Adapter
  • Essential Skirmish Item

Package Includes

  • NUPROL Male Tamiya To Male Deans Connector



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Battery / Charger Accessory
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Over 18

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.02kg


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Polymer, Silicone, Copper,