NUPROL Mount Lens Protection for 20mm RIS

Code: NAC-07-01
  • Flip Up/Down
  • Replacable Shield
  • Fits Any 20mm Rail

Designed to be fit to Airsoft Rifles Rails in front of expensive Sights and Scopes to deflect incoming BBs to prevent the Sights becoming damaged. 

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The Lens Protector are constructed from perspex, with an Alloy 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Mount Base, the most common rail type on Airsoft Weapons on the market. The pack comes with two Lens Shields which can be swapped depending on the situation with an Allen Key, one Clear Transparent one for all occasions, and a Yellow Tinted Transparent one for low-light environments.The protectors can be flipped up and down for when you need access to your sight, and lock into place to prevent them from falling over during a game. Save yourself a fortune by fitting a lens protector which is far cheaper than a sight, its better to lose a lens protector than smash an expensive Sight. The shield is constructed from high quality perspex, and is almost perfectly clean, meaning you don't lose any quality or vision! This is perfect for those unlucky Airsoft Skirmishers who always seem to have their optics broken, or for those who want to prevent the problem before it happens.


  • Alloy Base, with Perspex Lens Protectors
  • Black Body, with Transparent Clear and Yellow Lens Protectors
  • Protect Sight Lenses from incoming BBs and other Projectiles
  • Withstands shots from close up Airsoft Rifles
  • Prevents sights from having their lenses cracked and damaged
  • Cheaper than replacing an entire sight
  • Fits easily without the use of tools and can be quickly removed
  • Flip Up / Flip Down Design
  • Locks into place when flipped up or Down
  • Includes Two Lens Protectors
  • One Clear Transparent Lens Protector for all situations
  • One Yellow Transparent for low light situations
  • Lens Covers can be swapped using an Allen Key
  • Lens Covers come with a removable plastic wrapping to protect them during shipping

Package Includes:

  • Mount Lens Protection for 20mm RIS



External Part Type
Lens Protector


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour

Part Specific

Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS

Customer reviews

5 / 5
2 reviews for NUPROL Mount Lens Protection for 20mm RIS
Trustpilot customer reviews
Ian Horner
Written on 18/11/2022
Does the job it’s supposed to do, a lot cheaper than a new scope!!!
Rated 5 out of 5
mark sTobbs
Written on 04/11/2022
Very good saved sights being shot out many many times in cqb games yes the crack when hit by a bb and need replaced but thats nothing compared to having to replace a new optic
Rated 5 out of 5