What Eye Protection Do I Need?

In this PBTV Beginners Guide, we talk Airsoft Eye Protection and the different types you can expect to find on the Airsoft field. Each type of eye protection has its place, and it is generally up to you to choose the type that suits you, your playstyle and your loadout. 


Mesh eye protection is made from stamped steel mesh and has the benefit of never fogging up thanks to the small ports in the mesh allowing heat and vapour to escape. Any mesh goggles which are suitable for Airsoft will be made from a sheet of steel with holes stamped in, and any goggles you may encounter that use wire mesh should be avoided (you won't find them for sale here). 

The downside of mesh is that it will restrict the amount of light which can enter your eyes, which means it will be harder to see targets at long distances and in low-light situations. Many skirmishers choose to wear mesh despite this, as you will see even less at long range if your goggles or glasses have a tendency to fog up. 

Wire mesh lower face protection is fine as wire mesh provides ample protection for the lower face, and if debris was to come through the consequences are minimal. 

Polycarbonate Glasses & Goggles

Polycarbonate glasses generally have the benefit of providing a more unobstructed field of view than mesh, at the cost of greater possibility, almost inevitability of fogging. Many polycarbonate glasses and full face masks come with an anti-fog coating which is effective but will wane over time, though you can make use of anti-fog spray or other anti-fog products to keep the fog at bay.

Many skirmishers choose to combine polycarbonate eye protection with a mesh lower face mask to protect the teeth from impacts which can cause serious damage. This is a wise choice, and a mesh lower face mask may not be as comfortable as glasses alone but is definitely more comfortable than having a tooth shot out. 


Polarised lenses are heavily tinted, just like polarised sunglasses and are best used in bright sunlight and outdoor environments. Polarised lenses have the benefit of allowing you to see through glass more easily than standard glasses but are usually more expensive than Smoke Tinted glasses.

Clear Lenses

Clear lenses are a great go-to for all environments, combining the additional field of view of polycarbonate glasses over mesh with a clear lens which allows maximum light through in any ambient lighting conditions. 

Smoked Tint

Smoked lenses are generally slightly tinted to allow for use in daylight and bright conditions, but are usually not as tinted as polarised lenses. Smoked glasses are great for use in mixed outdoor and indoor environments. 

Yellow Tint

Yellow tinted lenses cut out blue light which sharpens your vision and makes targets easier to see at long ranges. Yellow tint is great for outdoor or indoor shooting but may be a bit too bright for sunny days. 

Full Face Masks

Full face masks are a great choice for CQB, and for those who prefer to avoid potential visible wounds from headshots. Headshots are a part of the game after all, and while skirmishers shouldn't be intentionally aiming for the head when the rest of the body is visible, headshots will happen.

Popular full face masks from Valken, Dye, Empire and many others are favoured by CQB skirmishers and particularly speed softers who appreciate the wide field of view and protective qualities of the Dye mask range. 

The downside of full face protection is that it prevents you from getting a good view down the sights of many rifles and SMGs, though this can be solved by installing a rail riser which is far cheaper than replacing missing teeth!

If you like keeping your face looking fresh or you are employed in a line of work that requires your face to not look like a pepperoni pizza after a heated Sunday skirmish, full face would be perfect for you. 

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Hopefully, you now have the knowledge you need to choose the right eye protection for you. If it is full face protection or a lower face mask you need, click here to see what's available. If you are after protective goggles or glasses you can check out our selection by clicking the button below!

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