Suggested ARP-9 Battery

Suggested ARP-9 Battery

Today we have a guest blog post from PatrolBase Mike, aka Milky. A lot of you may have met him in the shop, and he wanted to clarify exactly what battery you need for the ARP-9, as its a question commonly asked both in-store and online.

So you've bought yourself an Airsoft ARP-9, and now you have the challenge of finding the right battery for it. Thankfully, as you've picked a G&G with an Electronic Trigger Unit, you have the advantage of being able to safely (and under warranty) use 11.1v batteries, which means a higher rate of fire, more plastic in the air and more cries of "hit!". The problem you might run in to is that the jump from 7.4v to 11.1v LiPos means a massive increase in size! Thankfully the guys at NUPROL have our back, and have been compacting their technology over the years and now have some fantastic 11.1v LiPos on the market that take up the same space as a regular 7.4v

The battery we feel is best is the NUPROL - 11.1v 1100mAh Stick Lipo Battery which is £14.99 from our shop. The 1100mAh stick is thinner that its VP Racing 800mAh counterpart - and I'll take an extra 500mAh in the same sized battery space any day. That's a whole extra G-Series electric pistol in your battery! I don't know about you but I like to squeeze every little bit of performance out of my AEGs as possible, so the extra £4 over the 800mAh battery is an easy choice.

ARP-9 Battery

The issue you run into with the ARP - 9 is a combination of the battery space being smaller than other AEGs, and that it has G&Gs customary MOSFET installed as standard. It's an excellent MOSFET and does wonders for their weapons, but it's large and can be damaged if you treat it rough.

The best technique I've found so far is to put the MOSFET into the battery space first, leaving enough slack to slide the LiPo battery over the top. Make sure to neatly tuck the surplus wires away without pushing too much on the MOSFET, blade fuse or other cables. If you're technically minded, there's no reason you couldn't bypass the blade fuse (NOT THE MOSFET!!!) to buy yourself precious space in the stock.

Obviously we can't recommend this and it will invalidate your warranty, however if you're out of your warranty period and like to tinker - give it a go!