PTS Syndicate FALCON ERGO LowPro 7-Slot Rail Cover

PTS Syndicate
Code: FL001450340
  • Covers 7 Slots
  • Protect your Rails
  • Comfortable to Hold

A set of ladder style rail covers, capable of being cut down as required or combined with similar rail covers to protect unused space on your Airsoft Guns' 20mm RIS rails. 

Full description


A genuine PTS Syndicate product constructed out of rubber, these Covers are flexible, durable and comfortable. The rubber enables you to maintain a firm grip on your Airsoft weapons hand guard, in addition to adding comfort by covering your Rails sharp edges. By using a sharp knife, these covers can be cut down to fit shorter Rail systems or to fit around any mounted accessories. Additionally they can be combined with other Rail Covers to fit longer Rails. Prevent clothing, tactical gear and even your hands from snagging on exposed rail space by fitting these highly Ergonomic and practical Rail Covers.


  • Genuine PTS Syndicate Product
  • Ladder type Rail Cover
  • Made with Durable Rubber
  • Comfortable to Hold
  • Protect your Rails
  • 7 Slots
  • Can be Combined with other Rail Covers
  • Can be cut to a required length
  • Provides a comfortable grip on your rail
  • Stops hands slipping, giving you a better grip

Package Includes:

  • FALCON ERGO LowPro 7-Slot Rail Cover

Special Instructions:

These Rail Covers can be cut down to a size that matches the length your Airsoft Gun’s RIS Rails or fits around mounted accessories, by carefully using a sharp knife. They can also be combined with other Covers if required. 



External Part Type


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Dark Earth
Olive Drab
Foliage Green

Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 14cm
Product Width
Approx. 2.2cm

Part Specific

Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS

Cover Specific

Cover Type
Rail Cover

Rail Cover Specific


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