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  • 250mm Long
  • Fits Other Sniper Rifles
  • Fit 7.5mm Spring Guides

High powered spring designed to give a little boost to your Airsoft spring sniper rifle or lower the fps to a safe limit depending on what is already installed.

  • Enhanced FPS
  • High Quality Spring
  • TM VSR-10 Compatible

A spring designed and manufactured by AirsoftPro specifically for Tokyo Marui type VSR-10 bolt action spring sniper rifles and the many VSR compatible designs.

  • 9mm Springs
  • Multiple Ratings
  • Thermally Treated

A wide range of 9mm power up springs for Airsoft sniper rifles, which are produced to a high standard, making them very close to their stated power outputs.

About Our Airsoft Spring Gun Springs

Upgrade your airsoft spring gun or spring sniper rifle to stay ahead of the game on the battlefield. Our spring gun springs - say that five times fast - allow you to modify your airsoft gun, or simply replace a worn-out part. 

The spring is fundamental to that all-important fire, so ensuring you’re giving your pride and joy the best airsoft parts on the market goes without saying. Don’t forget to measure your gun first to ensure your new spring is a seamless fit. And choose carefully from our range of spring gun spring sizes.

Our springs are compatible with most spring guns, including sniper rifles. In fact, changing the spring in your sniper rifle is one of the quickest wins when it comes to improved accuracy, as a fast shot leaves no time for obstruction. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality spring gun spring with an elongated lifespan, our thermally treated springs are the perfect choice. Their ability to avoid wear and tear makes each operation as smooth as the last.

Improve performance with springs compatible with sniper rifles and more. Plus, if you’re looking for AEG parts, explore our selection of airsoft electric gun springs.

Shop airsoft spring gun springs online today and enjoy next day delivery.