Well G-11 Silencer

Code: FBP1175
  • Textured For Grip
  • Designed For The M11
  • Lightweight Alloy Construction

A mock Airsoft suppressor, designed specifically to fit onto the M11 GBB submachine gun, and mounts over the Airsoft gun's muzzle without the need for thread adaptors, tools or replacement muzzles.  

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The simple black design and compact size is perfectly understated and compliments the classical looks and diminutive size of the M11, the two making an excellent combination for anyone wanting to imitate the appearance of an covert operative during the 1980's. The front half of the suppressor features a textured pattern, allowing you to easily grip the Suppressor during installation or removal. The end cap of the Suppressor unscrews to reveal the hollow interior and outer barrel extension, this cavity could be filled with foam to offer a limited element sound suppression. This Suppressor is an ideal pairing for anyone with an M11, and with its iconic looks is perfect for anyone wanting to achieve that classic undercover American Agent look with a lot of firepower in a very compact package.


  • Black Design
  • Partially Textured for Grip
  • Mock Suppressor
  • Lightweight and Hollow

Package Includes:

  • G-11 Silencer

Special Instructions:

Please note that this is a Mock Suppressor and is purely for aesthetic value.

The Suppressor fits over the standard Muzzle and Outer Barrel of the M11, screwing directly onto it. Please note that fitting the suppressor to your M11 GBB SMG may be a little tricky at first. Although not necessary, you may find it easier to install if you disassemble the Suppressor prior to installation. It breaks down into three components; the End Cap (unscrew), the Main Suppressor Body (including Mounting Threads) and the Outer Barrel Extension. Screw the Main Suppressor Body onto your M11’s Muzzle, and slide it down until it is flush with the base of the Suppressor. Next, place the Outer Barrel Extension over the M11’s Outer Barrel. Finally screw the End Cap in place.

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Approx. 18.6cm
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Approx. 3.6cm
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Approx. 0.192kg

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