ACM EOTech Kill Flash Mesh Lens Protector

Code: M51616217-BK
  • For EOTech
  • Mesh Cover
  • Protect Sights

A lens protector for EOTech style Airsoft sights, designed to protect the lens of your Sight from damage from BBs and other incoming projectiles. 

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The sight is intended a stop gap, protecting your lens from damage and saving you money having to replace your Sight. The lens protector is made from an Alloy Mesh, allowing you to still see through the sight. Due to the nature of the Mesh Cover the Lens Protector also reduces the amount of light reflected by the sight whilst advancing into bright light, helping to reduce the chance of you being spotted whilst concealed. This is great for any Airsoft Player who has an EOTech sight and would rather replace a cheap lens protector than their expensive Sight.


  • See through Mesh allowing you to still see through your sight
  • Reduces the reflection of bright lights from your sight's lens
  • Protects your lens from damage
  • Cheap in comparison to replacing your Sight
  • Alloy mesh
  • Polymer rim

Package Includes:

  • EOTech Kill Flash Lens Protector



External Part Type
Lens Protector


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour

Customer reviews

5 / 5
1 review for ACM EOTech Kill Flash Mesh Lens Protector customer reviews
Richard Crosby
Written on 20/09/2019
Far better alternative to Perspex screen protectors though it was a pretty sight fit on my scope.
Rated 5 out of 5