AGM MP44 / STG44 AEG 300rnd Hi-Cap Magazine

Code: FBP1177
  • Replica STG44 Magazine
  • Stamped Alloy Construction
  • Wheel Wound High Cap Mag

A 6mm BB Airsoft High Capacity Magazine, designed for use with Airsoft replica MP44 / STG44 Airsoft Electric Guns. Externally, this Airsoft magazine is a Replica of the real steel 30 round box magazine designed for use in 1943 with the 7.92x33mm Kurz STG44 assault rifle.

Full description


 Just like the real thing, this Airsoft magazine is constructed from Stamped Alloy, and even features accurate representations of the Reinforcing Indentations along the sides of the magazine. As a High Capacity (Hi-Cap) design, this Magazine is capable of holding up to 300 rounds of ammunition, allowing Airsofters to carry a vast amount of ammunition, without needing to worry about frequent reloads. the large Fill Window at the top allows users to re-fill the magazine easily and quickly, even during a game. The magazine is wound from the bottom, using a large toothed wheel, making them easy to charge even when wearing gloves. Whether you're an Airsoft Skirmisher and Collector with an interest in WW2-era weapons, or a fully-blown Reenactor with an authentic 1943-1945 era German loadout, these Airsoft STG44 Magazines are essential for use with your MP44 / STG44 AEG replica


  • Replica of the real STG44 7.92x33mm Kurz Magazine
  • Based on the shape and size of the real 30rnd magazine
  • Designed for the ACM MP44 / STG44
  • Authentic Stamped Alloy Externals
  • Solid Alloy externals
  • 300 Round High Capacity Capacity
  • Wheel Wound Design
  • Filler Window at the Top
  • Allows for prolonged firing and reduced reloads
  • Essential for STG44 AEG owners. 

Package Includes:

  • MP44 / STG44 AEG 300rnd Hi-Cap Magazine



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
Alloy Magazine Shell, Polymer Internals

Magazine Specific

Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
MP44 / STG44
Weapon Platform
MP44 / STG44
Magazine Type
  • High Capacity
  • Wheel Wound
  • AEG
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 300 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Location
Magazine BB Fill Method
Fill Window

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