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  • 12g Capacity
  • Single CO2 Bulb
  • Steel Construction

    A 12g CO2 Bulb Capsule Single, sold individually these 12g bulbs can be used for both Airsoft and Air rifles.

    • White BBs
    • 0.20g Weight
    • Approx. 3000 BB

    Standard 0.20g Airsoft BBs for general Airsofting use, both indoors and outdoors, manufactured to extremely fine tolerances, providing Airsofters with well-made ammunition that offers consistent performance. 

    • White BBs
    • 0.25g Weight
    • Approx. 3000 BB

    A slightly heavier weight general-purpose Airsoft BB, suitable for use both indoors and outside, these 0.25g BB's are manufactured to high tolerances within 5.97mm +/- 0.01mm diameter. 

    • White BBs
    • 0.20g in Weight
    • Approx 3300 BBs

    NUPROL's latest offering into the Airsoft Market with newly designed 5.95mm 0.20g BBs made to be more accurate and consistent that ever before. 

    • Low Powered Gas
    • For Polymer Pistols
    • Silicone Lubricants

    A bottle of Low Powered Gas designed by NUPROL as part of their Green Gas Range, designed to be used with Plastic Bodied Weapons and Small Submachine Guns which require lower powers to operate. 

    • White BBs
    • 0.25g in Weight
    • Approx 3300 BBs

    NUPROL's latest offering into the Airsoft Market with newly designed 5.95mm 0.25g BBs made to have more consistent performance and greater accuracy that ever before.

    • Realistic Design
    • STANAG Magazine
    • 30 / 140rnd Setting

    A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more.

    • Lightweight
    • Magazine Pull
    • Stippled Effect

    A mid-cap magazine, providing a perfect mil-sim / skirmish ammo capacity, allowing you to shoot without having to worry about winding mags. 

    • White BBs
    • 0.28g in Weight
    • Approx 3300 BBs

    High quality medium-weight 0.28g Airsoft BB Ammunition, suitable for both indoor CQB airsoft and outdoor open environments. 

    • 300g Contents
    • Metal Fill Nozzle
    • Dust Cover Included

    Designed to make your gas Airsoft RIF more consistent between every shot and work far better in colder conditions. You will also achieve an increase in FPS but you must let the gas settle in your magazine first! 

    • White BBs
    • 0.30g In Weight
    • Approx. 3000 BB

    Created for excellent tolerances these BB's are manufactured to within 5.97mm +/- 0.01mm diameter. 

    • 300g Contents
    • Metal Fill Nozzle
    • Dust Cover Included

    A high performance gas, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowing to use your weapon all year round. Using this high power mix gives an increase in FPS, GBB efficiency and a harder kick.

    • 1000 BBs Per Pot
    • Light Grey Colour
    • Improve Accuracy & Range

    What everyone has been waiting for: a BB for the poor few whose hop units are still lifting 0.4g BBs like no tomorrow! We have tested these so far in several barrels including standard, 6.03, 6.02 and 6.01 and we so far haven't encountered a single jam.


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