Bolster Armouries: Patrol Base take the ONYX to Dirty Dog Airsoft!

Bolster Armouries: Patrol Base take the ONYX to Dirty Dog Airsoft!

We took a trip to Dirty Dog Airsoft to find out how the ONYX handles an intense environment with a mixture of short and long-ranged engagements, and which of the guys is the most worthy to wield a Bolster Armouries AEG. 

This is the first outing of our Bolster Armouries ONYX demo gun and it was outfitted with a Vector Optics Maverick Gen 2 Red Dot Sight coupled with a Vortex Optics 3x Micro Magnifier to take advantage of both its close range snap shooting potential and its ability to harass the enemy team at 60 meters plus!

Scope cam footage was provided by a RunCam Scope Cam 2 4K with the 40mm lens to showcase the ONYX's impressive range, and a pair of additional GoPro Action cameras were used to capture the POV footage and the reactions of the guys as they cut around with an incredible custom Airsoft AEG. 

Who do you think handled the ONYX best? Give us your opinions in the Youtube comments, no matter how harsh!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this brief showcase of what the Bolster Armouries ONYX [EON Editon] Advanced M4 AEG can do! If you are curious about how the ONYX reaches out so far and responds instantaneously to every tap of the trigger with no drama whatsoever you can check out the Bolster Armouries parts list and order your own ONYX via the button below!

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