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  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Accurate Markings & Insignia
  • Covers Extended Outer Barrels

An Airsoft mock suppressor, designed to replace an Airsoft gun's flash hider, and featuring an imitation of the US SOCOM special operations forces weapon suppressor. 

  • CW / CCW Thread
  • Foam Filled Suppressor
  • Thread Adaptors Included

A foam filled Airsoft mock suppressor, designed to be attached to Airsoft 14mm threaded outer barrels, and is specially with adaptors allowing the suppressor to fit both Clockwise (CW) and Counter Clockwise (CCW) threads. 

  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Quick Detach Interface

A Tactical Blast Shield / Deflector with a quick detach interface and official B&T trademarks.

  • 1:1 Scale
  • QD Functionality
  • For Umarex/VFC MP7 AEG and GBB

If you want that "I just triple tapped Bin Laden in the face" look, you probably already have an MP7, but you will be needing the suppressor to match. Introducing the H&K licensed suppressor for the MP7 by Umarex, a Quick detach suppressor with a foam filling for added suppression effect.

  • CNC aluminium construction
  • 14mm CCW female thread
  • Front cut grooves and port holes

SKU bring us an imitation of the Russian SF 9x19 flash suppressor made high quality CNC aluminium. With a large, rounded and aggressive aesthetic, the very front of the suppressor sports cut grooves and port holes to compensate the flash in the real world equivalent.

Most often seen on SMGs such as AK47s, KP9s, MP5s and Scorpions, this Airsoft replica suppressor utilises a 14mm CCW female thread so it can be fitted to any thread or adaptor that sports the corresponding male 14mm thread. With a padded foam interior that muffles your shots, this suppressor gives you what you need to sneak around and get those stealth kills in style!

  • Suppressor & extended 6.03mm inner barrel kit
  • Includes HOP-up for PX001 GBB pistol
  • Compatible with most WE/Armourer Works GBB pistols

If you want a pistol that can reach out and touch the enemy at long range, an extended inner barrel is just the thing. The WE PX001 Silencer And Extended Barrel Kit; 11mm CW is designed for the WE PX001 but is also compatible with most WE GBB pistols if you use your original HOP-up unit assembly.

The kit includes an 11mm CW threaded suppressor for 11mm CW female threaded barrels (WE, Armourer Works, CowCow and some others), a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel measuring 189mm in length and HOP-up unit for the PX001 platform with a pre-installed bucking.

Please be aware, it is possible that the inner barrel will protrude through the tip of the suppressor when installed on certain compact pistols so make sure you measure up before ordering. We recommend adding the length of your existing inner barrel to the length of the included suppressor (138mm); if the length is equal to or greater than 189mm, the inner barrel will fit.

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However, if you want to cause a stir, then shop our airsoft tracer units. These super realistic add-ons give your airsoft gun the authentic flash of a real-steel piece. Many of our tracer units are designed to fit neatly into your suppressor too. There’s nothing greater at striker fear into your enemies than the flash of a tracer unit in the tense blackout of an indoor CQB. If you want the colour of the tracer unit yet are looking for something offering a more accurate shot, shop our airsoft lasers.  

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