Amomax Airsoft Gas Shotgun Shell Holder

Code: AM-SC-U
  • Attaches to Belt
  • Enables Rapid Reloads
  • For Gas Shotgun Shells

This Airsoft Shotgun Shell Holder is design for Gas Shotgun Shells such as APS and other brands. The 'clamp' part of the holder is adjustable for width, allowing you to open it up to accommodate slightly longer shells. Spring Shotgun Shells will fit in the holder, but incredibly tight due to their width, and for this reason this product is not listed or advertised as compatible. A total of Four 12GA Shotgun Shells can be mounted into the Holder for rapid reloads.

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The Amomax Airsoft Gas Shotgun Shell Holder is designed to fit over your Belt System. As with most Paddle-Style Holsters, the back section can be removed to install different adapters, and change the way the Holder is worn. If you want to install the Holder on a MOLLE Chest Rig or Drop Leg Platform, this is easily achieved with a separately available adapter. The angle of the Holder can also be adjusted by unscrewing the Allen Key on the back of the unit slightly, rotating the Holder and then re-tightening this screw. If you own an Airsoft Gas Shotgun are want an IPSC/Three Gun style Holder for your Shells so that you can perform quicker reloads when in competition or on the Airsoft field, then the Amomax Airsoft Gas Shotgun Shell Holder is the way to go.


  • For Airsoft Gas Shotgun Shells
  • Paddle Style Holder
  • Attaches to Belt Systems
  • Can Be Mounted to MOLLE*
  • Can Be Mounted to Drop Leg*
  • Adjustable Holder Angle
  • Adjustable Width for Grips
  • Smooth Grip Surface Interior
  • Grooves for 4 x Gas Shells
  • Allen Key Included

Package Includes

  • Amomax Airsoft Gas Shotgun Shell Holder

Special Instructions

Please note that this is designed and sold for Gas Airsoft Shotgun Shells (such as APS and other brands), and is not intended for Spring Shotgun Shells. The adjustable width of the Holder can be made wide enough to hold Spring Shotgun Shells, but the width of the shell makes it an incredibly tight fit, so we cannot recommend it for this purpose.

*Separately sourced adapters are required to mount the Holder onto MOLLE or a Drop Leg System, such as the NUPROL MOLLE Holster Adapter. The instructions included provide detailed information on this.



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Approx. 0.142kg
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Approx. 10cm
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Approx. 11.2cm


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