ASG AW .338 Sniper Magazine

Code: 5133
  • Alloy Construction
  • 58 Round Capacity
  • For Spring ASG AW. 338

A replica Airsoft magazine with a 58 round capacity designed for use with ASG's Airsoft replica AW .338 bolt action spring sniper rifle.

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Externally, this magazine is an authentic replication of the genuine detachable box magazines issued with the AW .338 sniper rifle; constructed from stamped sheet alloy and even features similar strengthening indentations in the sides which just like the real thing, ensure that the magazine remains intact and useable. Internally the magazine durable polymer components to save weight. As a low capacity Airsoft sniper magazine the BBs are all contained within the feed tube and spring, which reduces the movement of the BBs and prevents any audible rattle sounds. Loading the magazine is simplicity in itself, by using a speed loader applied to the top of the feed tube all 58 Airsoft BBs are loaded into the magazine. As the magazine is designed for an Airsoft sniper rifle it will happily feed Airsoft BB weights up to 0.40g BBs, making these magazines suitable for standard and modified ASG AW .338 sniper rifles. For owners of the ASG AW. 338 Airsoft sniper rifle these magazines are an essential purchase, as additional magazines will allow you to remain in play for longer, without having to worry about refilling your magazines. 


  • Replica AW .338 detachable box magazine 
  • Stamped alloy outer shell
  • Reinforcing indentations in the sides
  • Polymer internals
  • 58 round capacity 
  • Loaded from the top using a speedloader
  • Happily feeds 0.40g BBs

Package Includes:

  • AW .338 Sniper Magazine

Special Instructions:

Please note that this magazine is for the spring powered ASG AW .338 Airsoft sniper rifle, and not the gas powered ASG Ashbury AW .338 gas sniper rifle. 



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Magazine Specific

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Magazine Style
AW .338
Weapon Platform
L96 / AWM
Magazine Type
  • Medium Capacity
  • Sniper Rifle
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 58 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Location
Magazine BB Fill Method
Speed Loader