ASG MOLLE Holster Adapter

Product code: 18565
  • Tools Included
  • May Fit Other Makes
  • Replaces Belt Fittings

Designed for the ASG range of Airsoft Retention holsters and is a direct replacement to the back paddle allowing you to holster pistols on your chest, belly or hips but on your MOLLE vest or belt.

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 This adapter may fit other manufacturers of pistol holsters including real steal shooters. All the tools you need to install are also included in the packet that is very compact, aesthetically pleasing and well sealed. Convert your paddle / belt holster into a MOLLE fitting holster in less than a minute


  • Adjust your holster to point at any degree
  • Assemble in less than a minute
  • Replaces the Paddle Mount on Belt Holsters
  • Can be used with Holster Rotary Systems
  • Compatibility: 
    • ASG G Model Series Holster 
    • ASG 1911 Model Holster 
    • ASG M92 Model Holster 
    • Blackhawk Holsters 
    • WE Europe / NUPROL Holsters

Package Includes:

  • MOLLE Holster Adapter
  • Allen key
  • Fitting bolt

Special Instructions:

To adjust the angle of the Holster use the supplied Allen Key to loosen the bolt holding the Holster to the Back Paddle. Once in the desired position re-tighten the bolt.

This holster accessory is built to allow you to draw and holster your Airsoft weapon as fast as possible, and as such is a perfect holster for Practical Pistol / Race Pistol target shooting. If you want to try Practical Pistol you can try out your skills at Halo Mill on Monday Evenings. For more information please visit the Halo Mill Website.



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