Big Dragon MOE Style M4/15/16 Ergonomic AEG Pistol Grip

Big Dragon
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  • Ergonomic AEG grip
  • Matt/Satin black finish
  • Large adjustment screw

A replacement pistol grip for your M4, M16 and AR-15 platform AEG Receiver and is designed to replicate the classic MOE style pistol grip and features a subtle matt/satin finish to compliment its sleek look. 

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The grip is constructed from a very tough and durable polymer with no flex under pressure while still keeping light weight. The MOE pistol grip features an Ergonomic design featuring the MOE style grip texture and additional front and rear grip ridges making it comfortable in the hand while providing extra grip even in wet conditions. The ventilated base plate features a large gold coloured height adjustment screw, making it easier to adjust the motor height on your Airsoft AEG if needed. The kit comes with all the screws required, including 4 receiver screws, allowing you to make the grip even more secure. The MOE style grip is perfect for those players who want something a little different from your standard M4 style grip while still keeping with that classic look.


  • Lightweight and durable polymer design
  • Satin/matt finish
  • Textured grip with MOE style design
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Base plate and screws included
  • Ventilated Base Plate
  • Large motor height adjustment screw
  • Grips on base plate for easy removal

Special Instructions:

The legs on the base plate may be too long to accommodate certain motor types, and may need to be sanded to fit in your AEG.

You will find the base plate and receiver screws inside the grip upon removal of the base plate.



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Weapon Platform
M4 / AR15 / M16