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From £84.99
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  • Highly Customisable
  • EU Series Magazines
  • Amazing Gas Efficiency

The Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol already has an almost cult following already, and for great reason! This Airsoft Pistol offers incredible performance (especially in cold weather), an absolutely massive backlog of compatible accessories and upgrades, accepts incredibly common EU Series Magazines and is sold at an amazingly competitive price. We may say this a lot, but trust us when we tell you that "you don't want to miss this."

  • Licenced Desert Eagle markings
  • TM Desert Eagle based design
  • Polymer construction

If you are a baller on a budget, this will interest you! The latest Desert Eagle Airsoft GBB pistol from Cyber Gun has its sights set on the beginners' market, aiming squarely at keeping the realistic Desert Eagle firing experience in a full polymer pistol. This Desert Eagle is based on the original Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle design and boasts the same strong blowback feel and intense recoil that can only come from a Desert Eagle GBB, but is considerably less of a burden on the wallet than other options. Here's your chance to dual-wield Desert Eagles for less than the price of some fancier GBB pistols! 

RRP £109.99
Save £10.00
  • Full metal construction
  • Functional De-cocking lever
  • 20mm frame rail and 12mm female threaded barrel

If you are eyeing up a new sidearm but aren't up for the more common Hi-capa and EU series perhaps a classic Italian designed pistol would suit your tastes? Introducing the Raven R9 GBB, Raven's entry into the B9 series of Airsoft pistols. The real B9 was most famously issued to the US Army in the 1980s, replacing the venerable M1911.

From £19.99

A Cheap Budget Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Shotgun, which is a great purchase for a bit of fun or as a crazy secondary weapon for CQB

From £19.99
  • Non-Blowback
  • Internal Gas Reservoir
  • Ideal Concealed Carry

A hilarious and awesome little Russian style non-blowback gas powered pistol, which is great as a concealed carry for search and rescue games where you are likely to be searched once captured.

From £19.99
  • Single shot
  • Pump Action
  • Magazine Fed

An ideal extremely low budget skirmish gun, or a good excuse to have a laugh in the back yard, The AGM MP003B is probably the cheapest Airsoft replica you could take to a skirmish and have any hope of getting hits with. Featuring decent FPS out of the box,  1x magazine in the package and an adjustable hop, the MP003B is ready when you are!

From £24.99

All round powerful, easy to use and surprisingly accurate shotgun.

From £24.99

A super compact Airsoft Single Shot 6mm BB Shotgun, based on the M870 designed for Breaching through doors and going into buildings.

  • Polymer construction
  • Pre two-tone smoked transparent
  • Great to teach young'ns the ropes

If you have been looking for an Airsoft gun that is well suited to teaching younger beginners safe and responsible use before they are ready for a "proper" Airsoft gun, you have found what you need! The Cyber Gun Mossberg Chainsaw Spring Shotgun is constructed entirely from polymer, save for its internals, and is injection moulded from smoked transparent polymer with a black pistol grip and pump, classifying this as a "pre two-tone" Airsoft gun which is VCRA compliant and ready for immediate dispatch. The lightweight construction of this shotgun, together with its light and short pump throw and single-shot action with a large magazine make it ideally suited to younger users who may find an AEG or Tri-shot shotgun difficult to use.

From £34.99

The Double Eagle M58B is a Spring Powered Pump Action Shotgun with a Single Barrel, meaning that it can fire BBs with more power and accuracy than its' Tri-Burst equivalents.

From £36.99

    A compact 40mm MOSCART grenade launcher. The perfect combination for any Airsofter looking to make a scene, clean up any CQB killhouse in style and leave a huge mess in the same trigger pull. 

    From £39.95

    Fitted with a tactical sliding stock for enhanced practicality in urban environments, this is a pump action, single shot spring powered shotgun.

    From £39.99

    An Airsoft Hand Held Grenade Launcher which is used to fire 40mm Airsoft MOSCART / Grenade Shells. The launcher is heavy duty and is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with a Polymer Grip. 

    From £39.99

      A spring powered pump action 6mm BB Airsoft shotgun, designed to function like a real shotgun for use in Airsoft skirmishes and events.

      From £39.99
      • Tri-Burst
      • Shells Included
      • Perfect Backup RIF

      A compact spring-powered tri-burst Airsoft shotgun which is fed by 30rnd shotgun shells, delivering three BBs into separate barrels with each pump of the handle.

      • Pistol Mounted
      • Gas Powered
      • Holds 40 BBs

      The HG-138 is a Rail Mounted BB Launcher designed to be attached to the underside of Pistols and Rifles as a single shot 40 round launcher which can be used to clear a group of enemy or as a last hurrah before you get hit.

      From £49.99
      • CQB Shotgun
      • Tri-Shot Shotgun
      • Shell Loaded Magazine

      A stock-less Pump Action Airsoft 6mm BB Shotgun, which has been designed to be practical in CQB situations. 

      From £49.99
      • Budget beginner sniper rifle
      • Lightweight polymer build
      • 380 FPS approx with a light bolt pull

      If you are looking for a cost effective starting point to try your hand as an Airsoft sniper, or you need an ultra-lightweight counter sniping solution for those moments you find yourself pinned down, the M52 from Double Eagle would fill the role well. This sniper rifle comes out of the box firing around 380 FPS with a smooth bolt pull, enabling faster follow up shots and making this rifle accessible for those with lower physical strength. The M52 is constructed entirely from lightweight ABS polymer and includes an alloy 20mm Picatinny receiver rail and alloy bolt handle to add rigidity where needed. 

      From £54.99
      • Very Lightweight
      • Detachable Silencer
      • Incredible Range & Accuracy

      The best of the best. Supreme range, silent and deadly. With a silencer with an inner barrel (extends your pistol inner barrel) the silencer increases your FPS but also reduces the sound of your pistol phenomenally.

      From £54.99
      • Full Size
      • Tri-Shot Shotgun
      • Shell Loaded Magazine

      This is a tri-shot, pump action Airsoft 6mm BB shotgun, which features a full size stock and is a menacing presence on any battlefield!

      From £54.99
      • Electric Pistol
      • Great Starter Sidearm
      • Fully Automatic Mode

      A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB electric pistol which is based upon some of the world's most popular pistols, with all of the best bits taken and combined to create one unique pistol which is highly ergonomic.

      From £54.99
      • Tri-shot shotgun
      • Fed by 30rnd mock shells
      • 3x Shells included

      The Double Eagle M56AL is the long version of the well liked M3 super 90 shotgun, a classic pump action shotgun design which feeds from 30rnd mock shotgun shells in the breech, and fires 3 BBs per trigger pull to appropriately simulate the spread of a real shotgun buckshot shell. The M56AL is constructed almost entirely from polymer with an alloy outer barrel and mock magazine tube, which makes this shotgun light and manoeuvrable despite its large and in charge status. Whether you fancy a challenge in CQB, or you are a fan of the movie Heat (1995), this shotgun would be an asset to your loadout.

      From £59.99
      • Accurate Replica
      • Ideal For Beginners
      • Affordable GBB Pistol

      An 6mm Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol with a lightweight and efficient slide, this is an ideal 'beginners Gas Blowback Pistol'.

      From £59.99
      • Full Blowback
      • Alloy Frame & Slide
      • Ideal Concealed Carry

      A highly compact gas powered blowback 1911 style pistol from Army Armament, which is ideal for those who love a compact pistol or need a concealed carry for roleplay skirmishes.

      From £69.99
      • 1911 Replica
      • Adjustable Hop Up
      • Semi & Fully Automatic

      A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric non-blowback Pistol, based on the iconic original 1911 pistol.

      From £69.99
      • Shell Loaded
      • Tri-Burst System
      • Sliding Stock System

      A Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Shotgun designed to Fire Three Pellets with every Shot, and is constructed with a Polymer Body, Pump, Grip, Cheek Rest and Butt Plate, with an Alloy Stock Tube, Barrels, Trigger and Internals.

      From £69.99
      • Non-Blowback Replica
      • Co2 Powered
      • Target Gun

      A 1911 Co2 None Blowback replica by Cybergun, excellent for target practice at home or on a range. No reciprocating slide means more gas efficiency down range. However this does boost the FPS above most site limits, making it unsuitable for skirmish use.

      From £72.49
      Was £89.99
      Save £17.50
      • Lightweight Design
      • Full and Semi Automatic
      • Front Rail for Attachments

      A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU G-Series Pistol Range. This pistol is great for beginner and season players all the same, with both semi and fully automatic firing modes this pistol is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

      From £72.49
      Was £84.99
      Save £12.50
      • Lightweight Design
      • Semi Automatic Variant
      • Front Rail for Attachments

      A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU-Series Pistol Range. The weapon is constructed with a lightweight and durable Polymer Lower Frame and an Alloy Slide, making it a Lightweight yet Durable sidearm.

      From £72.99
      • Bolt Action Rifle
      • Great Starter Rifle
      • Top And Lower Rail

      Featuring a custom stock with both upper and lower 20mm RIS accessory rails, the MB03A is WELL's unique version of the ever-popular VSR / BAR 10 bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle, and is perfect for those looking to get started in Airsoft sniping.

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