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From £12.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Magazine Fed
  • Tiny NBB Pistol

A tiny micro pistol designed as a fun sidearm which can be concealed in pockets and pouches for use in mil-sim games should you be captured, or in capture style games, oh , and you'll totally embarrass someone if you hit them with it.

From £36.99
  • Easy To Load
  • Fits 20mm Rails
  • Full Metal Construction

A compact 40mm MOSCART grenade launcher. The perfect combination for any Airsofter looking to make a scene, clean up any CQB killhouse in style and leave a huge mess in the same trigger pull. 

From £38.99
  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Holds Long Shells
  • Trigger Lock Safety

An Airsoft Hand Held Grenade Launcher which is used to fire 40mm Airsoft MOSCART / Grenade Shells. The launcher is heavy duty and is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with a Polymer Grip. 

  • Pistol Mounted
  • Gas Powered
  • Holds 40 BBs

The HG-138 is a Rail Mounted BB Launcher designed to be attached to the underside of Pistols and Rifles as a single shot 40 round launcher which can be used to clear a group of enemy or as a last hurrah before you get hit.

From £44.99
  • Pump Action
  • Shell Loaded
  • Stockless

This Airsoft Shotgun is a faithful replica of the stock-less SPAS-12 which has been featured in countless games, movies and more, and is an iconic weapon well known by all. This particular Airsoft shotgun is pump action, meaning that to fire the replica you pump the grip which then loads the shots, and then pull the trigger to fire. The shotgun also has a neat trick up its sleeve, instead of firing a single BB at a time the gun has three barrels allowing it to shoot up to 3 BBs at once to create a spread pattern for more fun and realism. This shotgun is perfect for those just getting into Airsoft, for those who are looking to do some back yard shooting for fun, or even for those looking to do a specific load out themed around the gun itself.

From £49.99
  • CO2 Powered
  • Non-Blowback
  • Jericho 941 Replica

    A non-blowback CO2 powered handgun, a replica of the lesser-known 'Baby Desert Eagle', also known as the Jericho 941.

    From £54.99
    • Very Lightweight
    • Detachable Silencer
    • Incredible Range & Accuracy

    The best of the best. Supreme range, silent and deadly. With a silencer with an inner barrel (extends your pistol inner barrel) the silencer increases your FPS but also reduces the sound of your pistol phenomenally.

    From £54.99
    • Iconic Replica
    • Tri-shot Shotgun
    • Pump Action Shotun

    A Pump Action Airsoft 6mm BB Tri-Shot Shotgun licensed by Action Sports Games from FRANCHI to provide one of the most iconic shotguns around, the SPAS-12 Shotgun. 

    From £54.99
    • Electric Pistol
    • Great Starter Sidearm
    • Fully Automatic Mode

    A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB electric pistol which is based upon some of the world's most popular pistols, with all of the best bits taken and combined to create one unique pistol which is highly ergonomic.

    From £54.99
    • RIS & Barrel Mount
    • Fires 40mm MOSCARTS
    • Instant Firepower Upgrade

    An M203 Grenade Launcher replica which fires 40mm MOSCART Grenades and attaches to rifles either by a 20mm rail or direct to an M4/M16 outer barrel.

    From £59.99
    • Lightweight
    • Ready to Use
    • ~466FPS Out Box

    The Double Eagle M61 Spring Action Sniper is a lightweight and effective Airsoft Sniper Rifle that works by pulling back the Bolt to cock the Spring and feed a BB into the chamber. Unlike most up-market Sniper Rifles, this doesn't require any tinkering out of the box besides setting the Hop Up and using a high quality BB. Firing at ~466FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, you're clear to take it straight out the box and get playing competitively.

    From £64.99
    • Electric Pistol
    • Great Starter Sidearm
    • Fully Automatic Mode

    A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Pistol which is based upon some of the World's most popular pistols, with all of the best bits taken and combined to create one unique pistol which is highly ergonomic.

    From £64.99
    • Electric Pistol
    • Fully Automatic Mode
    • Great Starter Sidearm

    A semi / fully automatic none blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Pistol in the style of the Mark XIX Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express.

    From £64.99
    • 407FPS w/ 0.2g
    • Spring Powered
    • Ideal First Sniper Rifle

    The Double Eagle M62 is a lightweight, bolt action Sniper Rifle which is powered by spring. This means that the Bolt must be pulled back for each shot, just like the real thing, which will compress the Spring whilst loading a BB into the chamber.

    From £66.99
    • Spring Bolt Action
    • Multi Positional Stock
    • Left & Right-Handed Firing options

    A perfect entry level sniper rifle for someone who is thinking of changing the game style or even if you what a cheap light weight sniper as a backup for them longer ranged targets. 

    From £69.99
    • Gas Blowback
    • Modern 1911
    • Metal Build

    A gas blow back replica of a modern 1911 MEU, faithfully reproduced in Alloy with a gorgeous grey lower frame. The pistol also has some features you would expect on a modern MEU, such as a threaded barrel to attach suppressors and a 20mm accessory rail for mounting torches and lasers.

    This gas blowback Airsoft pistol is constructed externally from Alloy, with an alloy Slide, Frame, Magazine, and Polymer Pistol Grips for comfort. The pistol is compatible with a wide range of 1911 magazines, and we're pleased to announce that the pistol takes RAVEN 1911 magazines, so there's a steady source of spare mags available.

    From £69.99
    • Gas Blowback
    • Metal Construction
    • Modern MEU 1911 Pistol

    A gas blow back replica of a modern 1911 MEU, faithfully reproduced in Alloy with a gorgeous black finish.

    From £72.49
    Was £89.99
    Save £17.50
    • Lightweight Design
    • Full and Semi Automatic
    • Front Rail for Attachments

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU G-Series Pistol Range. This pistol is great for beginner and season players all the same, with both semi and fully automatic firing modes this pistol is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

    From £72.49
    Was £84.99
    Save £12.50
    • Lightweight Design
    • Semi Automatic Variant
    • Front Rail for Attachments

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU-Series Pistol Range. The weapon is constructed with a lightweight and durable Polymer Lower Frame and an Alloy Slide, making it a Lightweight yet Durable sidearm.

    From £74.99
    • Spring Bolt Action
    • Straight Easy Bolt Pull
    • Lightweight Textured Stock

    A high quality Airsoft replica of the Steyr SSG sniper rifle, consisting of a lightweight polymer Stock with alloy bolt, barrel and receiver, complete with an accurately recreated straight pull bolt.

    From £74.99
    • Tactical Lower Rail
    • Suppressor Included
    • Gas Blowback Action

    A 6mm Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol, based on the B9 handgun, given a modern and Secret Agent inspired make-over. This Airsoft Replica Pistol features a realistic Blowback action that simulates recoil, and is the perfect companion to any Airsofter who wants to be more effective in CQB situations.

    From £74.99
    • Integrated LiPO
    • MOSFET Edition
    • High Rate of Fire

    The CYMA CM.121S is a replica of the fearsome Desert Eagle in Airsoft Electric Pistol form with a twist. This AEP is built around a MOSFET and an integrated LiPo battery which leaves you with a savage Rate of Fire and much higher performance than a normal AEP.

    From £74.99
    • LiPo Battery
    • MOSFET Inside
    • Awesome CQB Gun

    This updated Airsoft Electric Pistol is roughly based on the comfortable EU Series, and offers a much better Rate of Fire and Performance than their standard equivalents. This version includes a MOSFET and LiPo Battery, which 'amps' up the Performance with a faster Trigger Response, and the ability to dump an entire Magazine Fully Automatic in seconds.

    From £74.99
    • Modern Revolver
    • Fully Licensed Elite Force
    • CO2 Powered None Blowback

    The UMAEX Elite Force H8R CO2 Revolver is an aggressive & mean looking piece of kit, featuring a modernised .357 revolver platform and a compensated front end, this thing means business.

    From £74.99
    • Electric Pistol
    • Full Auto Mode
    • MOSFET Variant

    An Electric None Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB gun, designed as an easy-to-use backup. The pistol is constructed with an Alloy Mock Slide and Polymer Frame, internal MOSFET with Alloy Internals.

    From £79.99
    • Bolt Action
    • Fully Licensed Replica
    • Adjustable Cheek Rest

    Fully licensed by McMillan, this bolt action 6mm BB Airsoft sniper rifle is a 1:1 scale replica of the US Marine Corps’ M40A3 sniper rifle, complete with accurate McMillan branding.

    From £79.99
    • Lightweight Design
    • Full and Semi Automatic
    • Front Rail for Attachments

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU G-Series Pistol Range, that has been hydro-dipped a Multicam pattern.

    From £79.99
    • Integrated LiPO
    • High Rate of Fire
    • Standard AEP Mag

    An Airsoft Electric Pistol which is based on the Hi-Capa platform, and offers an integrated LiPo battery as well as a MOSFET for a terrifying rate of fire, making it the perfect dependable backup.

    From £79.99
    • Holster Included
    • Super Lightweight
    • Lever Action Design

    Did someone say 'compact Bolt Action Grenade Launcher that can fire TAG rounds? No? Oh...

    This is a compact and insanely lightweight Grenade Launcher that is operated by a lever, that also doubles up as a Fire-Status Indicator, and also comes included with its' own very small Retention Holster for quick deployment in the field.

    Did we mention it can fire TAG rounds as well as other 40mm MOSCART Grenades?

    From £84.99
    • Thread Adaptor
    • Extended Base Plate
    • Light Enhancing Sights

    A replica gas blowback Airsoft pistol designed by Army Armaments with a range of advanced features, such as an extended magazine and light enhancing ironsights, and is based on the 1911 platform with a more modern twist.

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