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  • Affordable Sight
  • Ideal For Beginners 
  • Practical Compact Sight

An ultra low-profile and compact red dot sight, featuring 1x magnification and an easy to acquire 20mm x 30mm lens.

  • Red Dot Setting
  • 1x Magnification
  • Adjustable Reticule

A 1x red dot sight, providing a red dot for aiming. This sight provides a red dot sight with no magnification which provides quick target aquisition whilst in the field, allowing for two eye open targeting. 

  • For 20mm Rails
  • Large Sight Picture
  • Red/Green Reticule

An Alloy constructed "Holographic Red Dot Sight" which is designed for 20mm RIS/RAS, making it compatible with almost every Airsoft Gun. It has tactile Rubber buttons on the side to control the brightness and colour of the classic reticule which these sights are known for.

  • Low Profile
  • Adjustable Reticle
  • Red / Green Setting

A compact, fully adjustable, red/green illuminated replica Holographic sight based on the real EoTech 551 Holographic sight, capable of being mounted onto Airsoft weapons with 20mm RIS rails. 

  • Red Setting
  • Raised Mount
  • Adjustable Reticle

A fantastic reflex optic with a red dot reticle featuring adjustable brightness, elevation and windage controls. 

  • Adjustable Reticule
  • Red / Green Setting
  • Easy access On / Off Switch

An Airsoft reflex type red / green dot sight with fully adjustable windage and elevation controls, all in a compact package which can fit on 20mm RIS rails. 

  • Easy to Adjust
  • QD Mount Included
  • Red & Green Illumination

A functional Airsoft replica reflex optical sight of the XPS Holographic sight by EOTech. Like the real thing this replica has functional red / green illumination, and has fully adjustable windage and elevation settings.

  • 1x Magnification
  • Red / Green Setting
  • Flip-Up Sight Covers

A fully functioning, red/green illuminated replica Holographic sight based on the real EoTech 551 Holographic sight, capable of being mounted onto Airsoft weapons with 20mm RIS rails. 

  • Micro Red Dot
  • Variable Illumination
  • Adjustable Without Tools

Ultra compact Red Dot Sight, styled on Aimpoint's Mico T-1 sight, complete with both low profile and extended 20mm RIS Rail Mounts. 

  • 20mm RIS Mount
  • Red/Green Illumination
  • Adjustable Without Tools

An Airsoft replica of the Eotech 557 Holographic Sight, is a High Quality optic suitable for use in close range Airsoft Skirmishing. 

  • Metal Body
  • 5 Intensity Levels
  • Red and Green Dot

A compact yet visually different optic. A purchase that you know very few others will be running with on their Airsoft gun. 

  • Adjustable Reticle
  • Red / Green Setting
  • Mesh Lens Protector

    An Airsoft replica of the Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex optic, with a fully functional Red / Green reticle dot with adjustable illumination, elevation and windage controls.

    • 1 x Magnification
    • Holographic Sight
    • Red / Green Setting

    A detailed replica of the Eotech 553 holographic sight, however this replica sight has been designed for Airsoft in mind. 

    • 4x Fixed zoom
    • Illuminated Reticle
    • Multi-position Backup Ironsights

    A fully functional Airsoft replica of the ultramodern ELCAN Specter 4x magnified gun optic, complete with illuminated reticle and controls for windage and elevation.

    • Dot Intensity Memory
    • VIP Lifetime Warranty
    • Sleek Rear-facing Controls

    For the shooter who wants rapid target acquisition. Desirable amongst many gun overs out there thanks to its incredibly compact yet lightweight design.

    • VIP Lifetime Warranty
    • Dot Intensity Memory
    • Sleek Rear-facing Controls

      An extremely high quality reflex sight, designed for the shooter who wants rapid target acquisition and a durable scope that can survive all manner of environments. 

      • Dot Intensity Memory
      • VIP Lifetime Warranty
      • Battery Saving System

      An incredibly compact fog and waterproof optic with crystal clear vision. 

      • Can be Pistol Mounted
      • 20mm RIS / RAS Mount
      • ArmorTek Lens Coating

      Created by VORTEX Optics in the USA this weapon sight is an ultra-compact red dot optic with up to 10x manual and auto adjusting levels of brightness. This sight is a real shooting sight designed for real weapons, meaning gas blowback and shock will not affect the zeroing.

      • Red & Green Dot
      • 12 Adjustment Levels
      • VIP Lifetime Warranty

      A highly adjustable, lightweight and incredibly compact red/green dot optic.

      • 3x Illumination
      • Crystal Clear Lenses
      • VIP Lifetime Warranty

      One of our all-time favourite optics providing a compact aiming solution with great levels of brightness adjustment and lifetime warranty. Designed for more compact rifles but can be quickly screwed straight onto your favourite rifle that delivers a more range.

      • Rechargeable Unit
      • VIP Lifetime Warranty
      • Sleek Rear-Facing Controls

      From VORTEX Optics as part of their AMG range the VORTEX Razor is an absolute beast of an optic, not only in size, but because of its feature rich design and quality of lens. This sight stands miles head of any other optic available on the market and looks absolutely stunning to boot.

      • Low Profile Sight
      • 4x Sight Picture Mode
      • Adjustable Brightness

      A lightweight and low profile holographic sight which can be adjusted, allowing for four different sight pictures, as well as red and green modes. The sight is constructed entirely from alloy, with a glass Lens and comes with a 20mm RIS / RAS mount.

      • Four Reticules
      • Red/Green Dot
      • Wide Field of View

      A reflex style red dot sight with a choice of four reticules, red or green colour dot and a wide field of view through the lens.

      • Tool-less Fitting
      • Red and Green Illumination
      • Realistic Markings and Engravings

      Compact red and green dot holographic clone airsoft sight, suitable for any AEG or GBB primary. Also has realistic markings, including laser warning. Illumination has up to 10 levels of micro-brightness adjustment in both red or green lighting mode.

      • Adjustable Illumination
      • Tool-less Assembly and Fitting
      • Realistic Markings and Trademarks

      Get the operator look with this holographic clone sight, with adjustable red or green illumination. The alloy outer frame features realistic military trademark and a laser warning label.

      • 2 Bolt Design
      • On / Off Red Dot
      • Alloy Construction

      A high quality very compact optic that is suitable to fit any Airsoft 20mm RIS/RAS rail section. Ideal for pistols, compact SMG and low profile rail systems. 

      • Highly Customisable
      • Push-To-Activate Pad
      • Multiple Colour Modes

      A Holographic Sight, with multiple customisation options, designed for quick target acquisition and multiple adjustable colour modes.

      • Spring Loaded
      • Ideal For Pistols
      • Adjustable Red Dot

      Exactly what it says on the tin: a flat-faced reflex sight which folds out of the way when not in use, and can be flipped up into position at the press of a button.

      • Red Dot Setting
      • Ultra Low Profile 
      • Adjustable Reticle

      A replica of the Trijicon RX01 non-magnified Reflex red dot sight, which provides quick target acquisition whilst in the field, allowing for two eye open targeting. 

      • Faux Solar Panel
      • Wide Angle Lens
      • Accepts CR2 Battery

      A very unique looking optic which offers an extremely wide angle lens of high quality, adjustable red dot for day and night operations and built in 20mm mount.