Evolution Airsoft E.T.S. III Mosfet System

Evolution Airsoft
Code: EA0263E
  • 12x Functions
  • Drop In Design
  • Ramping Abilities

New from EVOLUTION, the E.T.S. III promises to improve your trigger response, internal health and includes ramping! Clever programming to allow you to up your rate of fire over time protecting your internals from excessive wear if enabled.

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Replace your old worn out and unreliable trigger mechanism in your Version 2 Gearbox, with the new EVOLUTION E.T.S. III. Designed to be programmed with your trigger and fire selector, you have up-to 12x features to choose from. These features are split in half between your semi auto and full auto selector switch.

The trigger board is a direct replacement of your old and you can forget about ever having to wrestle in your anti-reversal latch again if you are planning on running the active brake feature. The package includes a paper guide on how to fit the unit and alter the settings, along with links to official YouTube videos the manufacturer has created to aid in fitting and setup.

The trigger unit itself is stored within a miniature polymer hard case. A very throughout bit of package to protect the electronics whilst shipping worldwide, something nobody has ever done before.


  • No need for an anti-reversal latch again (if you enable active braking)
  • Completely replaces V2 Trigger Switch assembly
  • 16 AWG wiring
  • Mini Tamiya connector
  • Sector gear cam detection (no more cut off lever required)
  • Micro switch controlled cut off lever, trigger pull and selector switch controls
  • Rated up to 30V but we recommend nothing over 14v
  • Semi auto programming features:
    • Burst control from 1 to 10 shots per trigger pull
    • Adjustable trigger response up-to 10x levels of sensitivity
    • Ramping - Switch from semi to progressive auto firing after a programmed hold time
    • Active braking milliseconds control from 10 to 50 milliseconds for fine pre-cocking tuning
    • Full cycle resets your piston to the front of every trigger pull for more realistic firing and prevents spring tension wear
    • Reset - Resets all modified settings back to factory default
  • Full auto programming features:
    • Burst control when flicked to full auto from 1 to 10x shots per trigger pull
    • PWM ROF control - Controls your rate of fire up to 4 speed changes
    • Ramping auto - If you previously have a burst control limit on your full auto switch, press and hold on full auto will override after the burst is performed and go straight into constant full auto firing
    • Battery protection up to 5x levels of sensitivity. You will receive a buzz after shooting, warning you're running low on juice before cutting the power completely
    • Full cycle saves spring wear and completes a full operation and piston reset no matter how long you hold full auto for
    • Reset - Resets all modified settings back to factory default

Package Includes:

  • Evolution Airsoft - E.T.S. III Mosfet System
  • Tan Hard Case
  • Instructions



Internal Part Type
MOSFET, Trigger,
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Patrol Base - Warning Icon
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Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Weapon Platform
M4 / AR15 / M16
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Gearbox Version
V2 Gearbox
Gearbox Version Compatibility Variant
Version 2

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