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  • High strength, low weight
  • Polymer body and metal teeth
  • For Tokyo Marui NGRS SCAR-L/H

FPS Softair brings you the Polymer Piston w/Steel Tooth Rack for Marui NGRS SCAR-L/H, featuring a technopolymer body and a full rack of steel teeth for a good combination of high strength and low weight.

The loaded technopolymer assures great mechanical resistance and dimensional precision. The tooth rack was manufactured through the use of MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) technology since this production process guarantees dimensional accuracy and sturdiness equal to those of solid machining.

The metal injected is SAE 4650 steel, currently considered the best for this type of use. The sliding guides are designed to minimize friction and hold the lubricant for a long period of time, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your TM NGRS SCAR will have reliable and long-lasting functionality.

  • Full cylinder group upgrade kit
  • For AEG version 2 gearboxes
  • For M4/M16

Upgrade your M4/M16 AEG. with an FPS Softair Tune Up Kit and increase its reliability and performance. The high-quality O-Rings ensure that it eliminates air leak and gives you perfect air seal for maximum efficiency and power. Constructed from Ergal (Aluminium 7075), the cylinder has a high strength and is resistant to fatigue with increased durability. The cylinder head is made for use with version 2 gearboxes, compatible with Tokyo Marui derived designs, with barrel lengths of 251 to 300mm.

This tune-up kit includes:

  • Cylinder (CLTC)
  • Cylinder Head (TC02E)
  • Air Nozzle with O-Ring for M4/M16 (SPM4E)
  • Double O-Ring Ball Bearing AEG Piston Head Advanced Type (TPAVN)

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