Hugger Lens Protector for Red Dot Sight

  • Rubber shroud with polycarbonate protective lens
  • Available for T1, T2 and M2/M3 Aimpoint and EO clones
  • Skirmish safe in the knowledge that your optic isn't at risk!

If you have ever fallen in love with a particular optic, then had it shot out in an intense CQB skirmish you will be feeling the pain of knowing that a lens protector that costs practically nothing could have saved it. The Hugger Lens Protector is available for T1, T2, EO and M2/M3 style Airsoft red dot sights, and provides a CNC cut protective lens made from Polycarbonate, held onto your RDS with a rubber shroud. This device attaches to the front of your red dot sight and protects it from being shot out, as an alternative to separate rail mounted lens protectors in order to keep the realistic look of the Aimpoint/EO series of red dot sights.

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  • Available for T1, T2, M2, M3 Aimpoint style sights and EO style holographic sights
  • Protect your red dot sight to avoid disappointment!
  • Slip on installation - Easy peasy!
  • Rubber shroud with polycarbonate protective lens

Package Includes

  • Hugger Lens Protector for Red Dot Sight



Name Variant
T1, T2, M2 / M3, EOTech / Holo,
External Part Type
Lens Protector
Package Includes
Lens protector


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
Rubber shroud with polycarbonate lens protector

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