Keen Sharp Tamiya Connector - Gun End

Keen Sharp
Code: 12563
  • Silver Coated Pins
  • Rigid Construction
  • Don't Use On Power Source

A replacement Tamiya connector that will provide a more efficient connection between your weapon and battery, increasing performance and lifespan.

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An upgrade over most Tamiya connectors thanks to the thicker polymer. Easy to connect and thanks to the silver coated pins you can expect better electrical conductivity. This connector must be wired onto your rifle, if you were to use a female ended connector you risk shorting out your battery due to it having the wrong connector on it and in a worst case scenario could result in an electrical fire


  • Upgrade your Tamiya to a sturdier plug or replace a broken connector
  • Silver coated pins for improved electrical conductivity
  • Must go on your gun (not battery wiring) to prevent short circuiting

Package Includes:

  • Tamiya Connector - Gun End
  • 2x metal connector crimp on pins



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Battery / Charger Accessory
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Over 18

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Approx. 0.05kg


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Polymer clip with silver plated connections.
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Polymer, Silver Coated,