About M-LOK Rail Systems

M-LOK came about as a development of the Magpul MOE attachment system, offering negative space attachment of accessories via rectangular ports as an alternative to heavier and bulkier 20mm Picatinny RIS/RAS rails. M-LOK is an abbreviation of the term "Modular Lock", was originally released in 2014 and while not compatible with MOE, has an ever-widening pool of accessories which grows by the day. Similarly to the KeyMod system, M-LOK has the benefit of reducing weight and offering a slimmer, more ergonomic profile ideally suited to modern shooting doctrine. 

M-LOK offers all the usual accessories, including vertical and angled foregrips, bipods, flashlight mounts and hand stops which can be directly mounted to the slots in the handguard. Directly mounted accessories allow for a smoother transition between the accessories and the rail itself, improving comfort and providing a more integral look. M-LOK can also be used to mount 20mm accessories using 20mm Picatinny rail adapters for M-LOK, so if you already bought 20mm Picatinny accessories you don't need to start again!

Whether you are looking for a slick new M-LOK handguard for your M4, M-LOK accessories and 20mm rail adapters, or you just want an Airsoft gun equipped with M-LOK straight out of the box, you'll find what you need right here!