PTS Syndicate EPM Enhanced Polymer Magazine Base Plate

PTS Syndicate
Code: PT099450307
  • Angled & Textured
  • Improve Reload Times
  • Protects Your Magazines

A thick and tough new ergonomic baseplate for EPM style Airsoft magazines, featuring high quality manufacturing and materials, brought to you by PTS Syndicate. 

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The enhanced base plates slide over the bottom of your EPM magazines to provide protection when dropped, better grip of magazines for the user, and will cut your reload time in half now that you can confidently drop your mags to the floor during tactical reloads without fear of them shattering. The rubber pad on the base plate is angled and textured for maximum tactile feedback, further aiding in magazine placement, precision and consistency. For this reason, these baseplates are perfect for anyone into IPSC or serious target shooting who is looking to improve their time drastically, or otherwise make their rifle stand out more.


  • Textured rubberised grip on baseplate
  • Speeds up magazine extraction
  • Reduces the possibility of damage when dropping the magazine
  • For PTS EPM 
  • Angled face for aiding the reload process
  • Single piece rubber design
  • Perfect for IPSC/target shooters
  • Extra security for your magazines

Package Includes:

  • EPM Enhanced Polymer Magazine Base Plate 



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Magazine Part
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Over 18

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Approx. 0.03kg


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Black, Tan ,
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