Tokyo Marui No.209 AA-12 3000rnd Electric Drum Magazine

Tokyo Marui
Code: 4952839177094
  • For the TM AA-12
  • Electric Drum Mag
  • Holds 3000 Rounds

Box / Drum Magazine designed for use with the TM AA-12 Sledge Hammer Automatic Electric Shotgun and holds an obscene 3000 rounds for those who must absolutely guarantee that they hit their target. 

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The Magazine is constructed entirely from Polymer, but is highly detailed, and features a Transparent Front cover which reveals a Realistic looking mock rotary system with Dummy Shotgun Shells for added realism. The magazine holds a huge amount of rounds, so to stop the user having to manually wind the magazine forever Marui have implemented an automatic winding system, which winds the magazine using a Motor which can be activated using a back Push Button saving the users fingers and time. The kit comes with everything needed to fit the Magazine, including the safety catch which attaches to the Lower Arm on the weapon to prevent the accidental dropping of the heavy magazine. This magazine is great for those who believe in accuracy over volume, or for those who want to repeatedly remind their enemy that they have an AA-12 with ridiculous amounts of suppresive fire.


  • High Quality Tokyo Marui Manufactured Product
  • AA-12 Sledge Hammer Automatic Electric Shotgun Compatible
  • Gun Metal Grey Finish
  • Polymer Outer Shell and Internal Design
  • Powered by 4x AAA Batteries
  • High Capacity Electronically Fed (Box-Mag)
  • A huge 3000 BB capacity
  • Filled with BBs from the Top via a Fill Window
  • Electronically Wound using a Press Button
  • Batteries Stored Internally behind Mock Rounds Front Window
  • Textured back for easy carrying
  • Magazine Adaptor Included
  • Fitting Tools Included
  • Branded:
    • 'HARD PELLET - 12 -'

Package Includes:

  • No.209 AA-12 3000rnd Electric Drum Magazine

Special Instructions:

Please note, that the require 4x AAA Batteries are not included.

To fit the battery Gently push down the Silver Tab on the Front of the Magazine, and then rotate the cover 30° Clockwise (Right) and lift off the front cover. Next, gently lift out the Battery Storage. 

Please be careful when releasing the Battery Storage, as it is on Tracks, and being too rough can cause damage.

To Fit the magazine adaptor, first separate the two parts by using the supplied Allen key and attach to the trigger guard.

To give you an idea of how much fire you can lay down with this magazine Toyko Marui have written the following on the box: '3 Cylinders, 3 Barrels, 3 independent Hop-Up. The two lower barrels have the hop on the side allowing the BBs to spread rather than lift. 10rps per barrel x three barrels = 30rps", so essentially, 100 seconds, or 1m 40s of constant fire, that will give the enemy team something to think about. We do not recommend this, as this can stress the internal gearbox, also the other team will be rather unhappy with you.



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon

Magazine Specific

Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
Weapon Platform
Magazine Type
Electric Wound
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 3000 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Location
Magazine BB Fill Method
Fill Window

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