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  • 7cm x 4cm
  • Velcro Backed
  • Vortex Nation Logo

A Velcro-backed PVC 3D patch that features the Vortex Nation logo on a black background with patriotic colours.

  • 6 Bolt Securing
  • 30mm Diameter Tubing
  • 20mm RIS/Picatiny Compatible 

The perfect way to securely mount your scope onto your Airsoft gun, allowing you to get the best possible accuracy from your scope when aiming. 

  • Belt Pouch Included
  • Optical Cleaning Tissues
  • Microfiber Dust Free Cloth

The must have, don't leave home without it kit.  Everything you need to keep your Vortex or other brand optics in tip-top condition.

  • Quick Detach Mount
  • Tube Diameter 30mm
  • Compatible With 20mm RIS Rails

A 20mm RIS compatible scope mount ring, designed to enable users to mount VORTEX's high quality optics onto their Airsoft guns or real firearms.

  • High Profile Mounts
  • Raise Low Profile Scopes
  • Perfect For Full-Face Masks

A 20mm RIS compatible raised scope mount ring, designed to raise up optics to your eye-level, or fit larger scopes onto your Airsoft guns.

  • Reduce Glare
  • Minimise Profile
  • Protect Your Lens

A 22mm honey comb kill flash made specifically for the Vortex Crossfire T1-style optic.

  • Official VORTEX Merch
  • For Forgetful Shooters
  • Super Comfy Materials

An official VORTEX Optics T-Shirt, made from extremely comfy materials, for those shooters among us that are quite forgetful. Cant remember the process of firing a weapon? Then just look down! It'll be somewhere you can't miss it: directly on your chest!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Super Soft & Comfy
  • Features UH-1 Reticule

A 100% Cotton T-Shirt from Vortex optics, featuring the UH-1 reticule on a black background.

  • Super Soft
  • Vortex Nation Logo
  • Montana State Outline

A super soft and comfortable T-Shirt from Vortex, featuring the Vortex Nation logo and the state outline of Montana.

  • Knit Beanie
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Embroidered Patch

A 100% Acrylic beanie hat with an embroidered Vortex Nation logo, designed to keep your ears and head warm in the harshest of environments.

  • #MooseStuff
  • Mesh-Backed
  • #VortexNation

A mesh-backed hat designed by Vortex Optics in the USA, which features a pleasant sunrise scene with a Moose doing Moose stuff and chilling in its' element.

  • #VortexNation
  • Cotton / Polyester
  • Powerful Message

Remember Everyone Deployed. Designed by Vortex Optics, this breathable mesh cap features a strong message to show your support for men and women who have served or are currently serving across the world.

  • Ultra Low Profile
  • Extremely Rugged
  • Fits 50mm - 59mm

An ultra low-profile and tough Flip Cap for Objective Lenses with an outside diameter of 50-59mm, which has 270° of motion so that your cover can sit vertically or sat back on the scope. This is the perfect way to protect your lens in style when your rifle is not in use or in transport/storage.

  • 20mm Mounts
  • 1'' Scope Rings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium

A pair of scope mounts designed to raise your optic for a more comfortable weapon setup.

  • 20mm Mounts
  • 1'' Scope Rings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium

A pair of scope mounts designed to raise your optic for a more comfortable weapon setup.

  • 20mm Mounts
  • 1'' Scope Rings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium

A pair of scope mounts designed to raise your optic for a more comfortable weapon setup.

  • Thermal Container
  • Leak Resistant Seal
  • 30oz / 888ml Capacity

A stylish travel tumbler designed to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, even when you're on the go.

  • Easy to Use
  • For 30mm Tubes
  • Eliminate User Error

A 30mm Scope Ring for compatible Riflescopes, which will help you mount your Riflescope to perfection, eliminating potential error caused by mounting your Sight by hand. If you're a stickler for precision, then there's no excuse to not be using these rings on your rifle.

  • CNC Machined
  • 20mm Picatiny Fitment
  • Holds 30mm Wide Tubes

An incredibly robust mounting system for any 30mm tubed optic. This setup secures onto your 20mm wide picatiny style rail system with 4 securing bolts.

  • 8x Magnification
  • Great spotting scope
  • Compact & Lightweight

Designed by VORTEX Optics in the USA this monocular is the perfect lightweight, compact and strong sight for spotting and tracking. The sight is highly functional, and provides a crisp and clear picture with 8x zoom and bright magnification.

  • Bits Included
  • Easy Set & Read
  • 1 Inch/lb Increments

If you have an optic that you care about, it needs to be mounted to the correct Torque Settings to prevent damage down the line. The Torque Wrench Mounting Kit from Vortex is adjustable to specific Torque settings in 1 inch/lb increments, and comes supplied with several bits to send you on your way.

  • Unparalleled Clarity
  • VIP Lifetime Warranty
  • MRAD-Ranging Reticle

A range-finding spotting monocular with a fixed 8x magnification in a compact, lightweight and easy to use unit which is robust at the same time. The MRAD-based ranging reticle helps making accurate and informed estimates at a variety of ranges. All this is backed by the Vortex VIP Lifetime Warranty.

  • Dot Intensity Memory
  • VIP Lifetime Warranty
  • Battery Saving System

An incredibly compact fog and waterproof optic with crystal clear vision. With up to 10 levels of illumination adjustment, your lowest 2 levels are also compatible with night-vision setups.

  • Up to 9x Zoom
  • Incredibly Clear View
  • VIP Lifetime Warranty

The perfect optic for any shooter from Airsoft up to real steel with a variable zoom from 3 to 9x magnification. A little brother to the Hog Hunter, but far more practical for any skirmish or target range shoot.

  • Incredibly Clear View
  • VIP Lifetime Warranty 
  • Adjustable Illuminated Reticule 

A magnified optic that's suitable for both tier one Airsofters and real-steel shooters out there, with unparalleled levels of optical clarity. 

  • VIP Lifetime Warranty
  • 4 to 12x Magnification
  • Incredibly Clear Lenses

A very high quality glass setup at an affordable price considering just how high end, and the lifetime warranty you will get on this scope.

  • VIP Warranty
  • Real-Steel Spec Optic
  • Incredibly Clear Sight

This is the perfect optic for the serious shooter, regardless of whether you're an Airsofter, real world shooter or both! The VIP Warranty on all Vortex optics means that you get a new sight, no matter what happens.

  • VIP Lifetime Warranty
  • Dot Intensity Memory
  • Sleek Rear-facing Controls

    An extremely high quality reflex sight, designed for the shooter who wants rapid target acquisition and a durable scope that can survive all manner of environments. 

    • Crystal Clear Lenses
    • Life Time VIP Warranty 
    • Adjustable Magnification 

    Whether you're an Airsofter or a real steel shooter, this is an extremely high quality optic with an adjustable and variable magnification from x3 to x9, making this ideal for use in woodland. 

    • Dot Intensity Memory
    • VIP Lifetime Warranty
    • Sleek Rear-facing Controls

    For the shooter who wants rapid target acquisition. Desirable amongst many gun overs out there thanks to its incredibly compact yet lightweight design.

    All Vortex Optics, Sights, Scopes and Telescopic lenses come with an Unlimited Warranty - Forever...

    Supplying some of the highest quality Optics on the market Vortex Optics are a US based company who produce top quality high end sights for real world applications. The sights and scopes they make are all designed to be used on real weapons, rifles and pistols making them more than capable enough to handle any punishment thrown at them by even the most hardcore of Airsoft player.

    Not yet convinced, or want to see the optics yourself, come and try before you buy from our retail store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We're located between Manchester, Leeds and Wakefield and are a 10 minute drive from the motor way so you can come down and experience the quality for yourself. Here at Patrol Base Yorkshire we stock the full range of VORTEX optics available in the UK, with everything ranging from magnified sights, to scopes, red dots and even range finders.

    All our VORTEX optics are available in-store today, and can be purchased without hassle. If you've not got the cash right now, or are looking to spread the cost of buying a Vortex optic, we offer full 12 month and 6 month finance options to help you get your hands on your perfect sight today rather than tomorrow.

    They're selling out fast, so come down and visit us at our Yorkshire retail store, and begin your journey into the #vortexnation.

    No matter who ends up owning this product, you do not need a receipt to claim on warranty when going direct through VORTEX. 

    Your new purchase is covered for absolutely any accident that impairs the operation of the product and any feature. Cosmetic damage that does not impair the operation is not covered. Once again, warranty if for life! If the product becomes discontinued then VORTEX will replace your item/s with a newer version completely free of charge!

    For more information please feel free to read our blog on the subject: Vortex: Unlimited Warranty - Forever.
    Vortex Optics Unlimited Warranty - Forever

    Vortex Optics on Finance Cant afford your optic now? No problems! You can buy now, pay later, with our Vortex Optics UK Finance Program

    Can't afford to splash out in one hit? You can spread the cost over a 6 month or 12 month period using our Financing Options. You can find out more via our Airsoft Finance Information Page.

    Real steel and high quality optics are here, and they're here to stay!