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  • 3 Round Burst Mode
  • 2020 Revision Edition
  • Polymer Construction

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed from the official specs of the CZ Scorpion Evo created by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, then built from the ground up for Airsoft By ActionSportsGames in Denmark. This edition of the weapon is the 2020 revision, which features upgraded, rebuilt and more streamlined parts for better operation.

  • Unique Fitting
  • Springs Included
  • Steel Construction

Broke or lost your old trigger whilst carrying out an upgrade or service? We have spares for a range of Airsoft AEGs.

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  • Pack of 5
  • Glass Tube Fuses
  • Ideal For Spare Parts

A convenient pack of 5 x glass tube fuses of selectable amperage.

  • Great Spare Part
  • All Metal Construction
  • Set of 0.15 and 0.3 Thick Shims

A set of both thick and thin shims, useful for ensuring your gearbox turns over as smooth as possible.

  • Set of 3 x Long 
  • For V2 Gearbox
  • Flat Head Screws

Ideal upgrade or replacement screw set for an Airsoft V2 gearbox. May also be compatible with other gearbox types.

  • CO2 Pistol Use
  • Light Lube Required
  • Spares Replacement Kit

An ideal replacement for any low powered or leaking CO2 pistols and revolvers produced by ASG. 

  • Perfect Spare Set
  • All Metal Shims Set
  • Set of 0.1 and 0.2 Thin Shims

A pack of shims with two degrees of thickness, useful for ensuring your gearbox turns over as smooth as possible.

  • For 715 Revolver
  • Practical & Convenient
  • Allows For Quick Reloads

Something the owners of Dan Wesson 715 Airsoft revolvers have been waiting for, a set of Moon Clips to speed up your reloads, by linking 6 shells into one unit. 

  • Gold Plated 
  • Includes Heat Shrink
  • 10 Connectors Per Pack

If you have a damaged wire, snapped motor connector or just want to improve your electric conductivity then this pack is ideal.

  • High Quality Finish
  • Great For Rebuilding
  • Every Spring Needed

Set of several springs for multiple purposes from anti-reveral latch springs, trigger springs, tappet plate springs and more.

RRP £6.99
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  • 3300 x 0.20g BBs
  • 0.01mm Tolerance
  • Competition Grade

A bottle of 3300 high quality, competition grade polished 0.20g BBs from ASG, which undergo a strict quality control process and are carefully selected to achieve a higher standard of BB over the traditional Blaster series, which are already spot on. The 0.20g BBs are the baseline weight for Airsoft Guns are are appropriate for indoor sites, testing and high speed guns / grenade launchers.

  • Black In Colour
  • Alloy Construction
  • Replacement Sling Mount

An official spare sling hook, allowing for the replacement of the lost or broken part of your Airsoft Scorpion Evo. 

  • Chrome Finish
  • Includes Fitting Screw
  • For Version 3 Gearboxes

A vital spare for Version 3 gearboxes.

  • 20mm RIS / RAS
  • Adds More Rail Space
  • For M4/AR15 Handguard

Designed to fit the M4 and M16's original non-railed Polymer handguards, this is a bolt-on section of 20mm RIS compatible rail, allowing users to mount all manner of 20mm RIS rail accessories onto their Airsoft gun.

  • For 4.5mm / 6mm
  • For Repairing Pistol
  • Great Spare Part Kit

Spare parts kit designed for use with ASG's Raid 400, Thunder 9, and M9-A1 Series of pistols, for both the 4.5mm Airgun and 6mm Airsoft Variants. The set contains four Parts, Two Sizes of Valve Seal, a Valve Ring and Piercer Seal. 

  • Approx. 3300 BBs
  • ±0.01mm Tolerance
  • Standard White 0.20g

The go-to weight of every Airsoft site and skirmisher. 0.20g BB are commonly used as a beginner weight of BB, great in all Airsoft replicas offering the highest velocity with the same high quality finish as the rest of the ASG blaster Range.

RRP £6.99
Save £1.00
  • Screw Top Lid
  • 3300 x 0.25g BBs
  • 0.01mm Tolerance

A screw-top bottle that contains 3300 high quality, competition-grade 0.25g BBs from ASG, which are carefully selected to make the cut for the 'Devil' series - a premium range compared to the standard Blasters. They are made with a fine Tolerance of 0.01mm to ensure optimal performance in all Airsoft Guns. The 0.25g BBs are a great option for those playing outdoors, particularly if you have a high speed gun and want to keep overall BB costs down whilst maintaining top-tier performance.

  • 5 Clips Per Pack
  • Fits Mix Of Hop Units
  • Can Be Shaped With Knife

ASG Ultimate barrel locking clips are sold at 5 per pack. Ideal replacement for any loose or fragile barrel clips. 

  • Slides Over Existing Grip
  • Useful For Pressure Pads
  • Stippled To Improve Handling

A thin rubber cover that slides over your existing pistol grip to give you extra grip in slippery conditions, or when using gloves.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG G3 platform weapons.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG SIG series rifles with a total length of 22.24mm.

  • Steel Construction
  • Safety Block Included
  • Return Spring Included

Broke or lost your old trigger whilst carrying out an upgrade or service? We have you covered. 

  • Strong Rigid Plastic
  • V2 M16/G3 Gearboxes
  • Can Be Shaved & Modified

Ideal upgrade or replacement for worn out and damaged tappet plates.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • Perfect Air Seal
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for SMG-5K and PDW variants of SMG-5, that require a nozzle length of 20.89mm.

  • O-Ring Fitted
  • 20.71mm Long
  • Heavy Duty Polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for M16 variant AEGs that require a nozzle length of 20.72mm.

  • For Airsoft Shotgun
  • Red / Gold Design
  • Four Pack of Shell

A pack of Shotgun Shells designed for Airsoft 6mm Pump Action Shotguns which accept Standard Shotgun Shells. The shells are easily loaded from the top, by using an Airsoft Speed Loader, by simply pushing the nozzle into the Shell's top hole and filling. These shells are a must have purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has a pump action Shotgun, as it allows you to play for longer without having to stop to reload magazines.

  • Spring Fed Design
  • Holds 20 6mm BB
  • For VFC M40A3

A magazine for the VFC McMillian M40A3 6mm BB Spring Action Sniper Rifle and holds up to 20 BBs at a time.

  • Easy To Use
  • Holds Over 90 BBs
  • Suitable For Airsoft

Small and compact Airsoft BB magazine speedloader that comes with a pistol magazine adaptor. 

  • Great Spare Part
  • Hop and Nub Set
  • Soft Rubber Design

A replacement hop-up rubber and bucking for Airsoft AEG Hop-Up units. 

  • Fits on 20mm RIS / RAS Rails
  • Cheaper than a new sight
  • 5cm x 5.5cm of protection

This lens protector is a must have product for any Airsoft Skirmisher who intents to play in a CQB environment, protecting your sights and scopes from being shot out by stray BB. Guess whats cheaper: A new sight, or a new lens protector?

Here at Patrol Base we stock the entire range of ASG parts, components and Guns for all Airsoft related activities. ASG, also known as Action Sports Games, are one of the world leaders in the business of replica firearms, accessories, manufacturing Airsoft Guns, Airguns, Co2 guns and replicas.

ASG with other brands to bring in great, high quality and original designs for kits, working with companies such as: A.R.M.S Inc, Bersa, Arsenal, Ceska Zbrojovka, CAA, Dan Wesson Fireams, Hera Arms, U.S. Ordanance, Steyr Mannlicher, Franchi, Zastava, APO, McMillan, LMT, Detonics, DSA, YHM, Eagle Arms, MPA, Milkor, AI, STI, B&T and Arma Lite. ASG products range from Handguards to Handguns, and all parts in-between. Producing M4, Revolver, Sniper Rifles and almost any other weapon you can think of.

Most recently the company released their own in-house designed weapon, the ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1, made with its own digital controller and even had a full range of parts to boot. ASG also distribute their own Brand of High-Quality BB, the Blaster Range, which is one of the widely used brands to date. We offer a range of parts, and are all available through our website and in-store.

Action Sports Games or ASG are a well know, world famous airsoft gun manufacture that is always creating new and diverse airsoft products and have a wide range of airsoft weapons.