Aim-O QD Mount for ACOG Style Scopes

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  • For ACOG Scope
  • Easily Removable
  • Release Without Tool

A replacement mount for ACOG style scopes, with a quick-detach mechanism for speedy attachment or removal.

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The mount itself is a great bit of kit for those who often remove their sights allowing it to be easily done without the aid of tools. It is constructed entirely from Alloy and is designed to fit onto ACOG scopes, and then to 20mm RIS / RAS rail mounts. The mount can also be invaluable should your sight break or run out of batteries at a key moment. This is a great purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has lots of scopes and wants to carry around fewer tools.


  • Replacement mount for ACOG scopes
  • Adds Quick Detach Mount
  • Allows you to easily Attach / Remove ACOG Sight
  • Should your Sight's batteries die it can be quickly removed

Package Includes:

  • QD Mount for ACOG Style Scopes



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Colour Wheel Greyscale
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Full Alloy

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Scope Mount