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  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Windowed mag design with mock cartridges
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

If you need magazines but you also want to add a more realistic look to your M4/AR15 the NUPROL W-Mag would be a great choice. This magazine holds 150 BBs and is loaded through its fill/feed port, located on the top of the magazine body, using an Airsoft speed loader. This magazine is constructed from strong polymer with a rubberised baseplate complete with an extension to allow for "mag podding" and a dot matrix so you can mark your magazines for I.D and admin purposes. This magazine takes its name from the mock witness windows located on either side of the magazine, through which you can see convincing mock 5.56 cartridges which add a touch of realism to any Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

If you want to give your loadout a modern overhaul, bin those steel mags and load up for the 21st century! The NUPROL N-Mag is a close copy of a famous real steel magazine we all know well, and is constructed from strong polymer to provide drop resistance. The magazine body design features ribs for additional grip, allowing you to reload more quickly with less risk of launching your magazine if you have wet hands. This magazine is a spring-loaded mid-cap, meaning it is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body, either with an Airsoft speed loader or loading rod/tool. This also means no battle rattle for the stealthy players! This magazine is designed for the M4/AR15 platform and should fit and feed fine in practically any M4/AR15 AEG.

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • Transparent polymer construction
  • Keep tabs on your remaining ammo

If you have ever spotted a vulnerable target, raised your Airsoft sniper rifle and gently squeezed the trigger and had nothing come out, you will understand the need for a way to monitor your ammo levels when sniping on the Airsoft field. Maple Leaf have the answer to our prayers, right here! The Transparent Magazine for the VSR-10 is constructed from a transparent polymer, allowing you to verify that your magazine is fully loaded before putting it into your mag pouch, and also allows you to quickly check how many BBs you have remaining through the clear witness window on the magazine's base. Never shoot blanks again with this mag!

  • 200rnd Capacity
  • Extended design
  • For M4/AR15 AEG series

Looking for the biggest capacity with no rattle? This NUPROL 200rnd Mid-cap is an extended design, allowing an extra 70 BBs to squeeze in when compared to 30 round style mags. Its spring-loaded mechanism means you will be able to sneak around with ease with none of the tell-tale "battle rattle" you would have from high-capacity mags, and benefit from some extra firepower at the same time! This magazine is loaded just like any other Airsoft mid-cap, using a speed loader or loading rod through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body. The added benefit of this mag is its much more aggressive 40-round style design, which gives your rifle the "big boy" look of extra capacity, making it that more intimidating to face down with on the skirmish field.

  • 450rnd Capacity
  • Steel shell, polymer internals
  • For JG0452 MAC-10 AEP

Whether you are going a Vietnam war loadout, or you just like the compact form and unmistakable design of the legendary MAC-10, you will need some spare mags to run it in true SMG style! The JG 450rnd High-Cap Magazine is designed for the JG0452 MAC-10 AEP, but should also fit and feed in the TM MAC-10 AEP. This magazine is a wheel wound high-cap constructed with a steel shell and polymer internals. The fill window can be found on the top of the magazine, and can be opened by hand and the BBs poured straight in. The winding wheel is located on the bottom of the magazine and is a slightly wider design than the norm, meaning more comfort if you have to wind in a hurry!

  • 200rnd Capacity
  • Steel construction
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

If you need M4 magazines, but you want the cold realistic feel of steel and none of this new-fangled polymer nonsense, the NUPROL Steel Mid-cap would suit your tastes perfectly. This magazine is a spring-loaded medium capacity design which is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using a speed loader or loading tool.

This mag would be perfect for a retro loadout, or a more modern loadout which requires steel magazines, and matches well with the real M4/M16 30-round magazine for a convincing look. This magazine is slightly longer than most M4/AR15 steel magazines as the body is the same length as the real magazine, meaning it will protrude slightly more than a normal steel magazine when inserted. The benefit of this is the additional capacity of this whopping 200rnd mid-cap, adding an extra 80 rounds over equivalent steel mid-caps, and a more aggressive look with that thang hanging below your AEG!

  • 26rnd Capacity
  • For STTI ST8 NBB Pistol
  • Green gas magazine

Looking for a spare mag for your STTI ST8 NBB Airsoft pistol? You've found what you need, right here! This magazine is designed for the STTI ST8 and is constructed with a polymer shell, alloy gas reservoir, a steel feed spring and brass valves. The magazine can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top front of the magazine body and is filled with gas through the fill valve on the baseplate. As an alternative to filling with a speed loader you also have the option of pulling down the magazine follower, found on the left side of the mag and filling by hand.

  • Red/Green dot sight
  • Integrated 20mm Picatinny rail mount
  • Super wide 40mm field of view

If you are looking for a BIG OL' red dot sight, the 1x40 Red/Green Dot Sight from PCS is about as big as is practical for mounting on a man-portable rifle! This sight has a massive 40mm objective lens, meaning plenty of light makes it through for an ultra-clear view of the target. The "dot" reticle offers selectable colours, allowing you to choose between red or green for the best fit for your environment, and also offers 5 brightness settings for each colour making this sight suitable for practically any ambient lighting conditions. Large red dot sights like this are great for newer players and more casual skirmishers, as they are far more forgiving of having an inconsistent head position than smaller red dot sights, with a larger "eye box" which can be used effectively regardless of skill or experience level. 

  • Aluminium construction
  • Fits RMR/T1/T2 red dot sights
  • Canted optic mount for WADSN LPVO mount

If you want to shoot while you shoot, we suggest a sight mounted to your sight! The WADSN LPVO Mount Offset Optic Base is designed to mount to the WADSN LPVO 30mm Scope Mount and provide an instantly accessible red dot sight. This mount base is compatible with RMR, T1 and T2 style sights, and may also fit others. The mount is constructed from aluminium with steel screws, and comes with an Allen key and a Torx key so you don't have to rummage in your toolbox! 

  • Massive 1000rnd capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

Looking for the biggest mag you can possibly find? The NUPROL MEGA MAG is the next best thing to a drum magazine, but without the clumsy ergonomics! This magazine is patterned after the real steel "SF" 60-round magazine and holds an incredible 1000BBs. The magazine functions like any other wheel wound high-cap, with its fill window located at the top of the magazine body, and its winding wheel at the bottom. This magazine is a "double stack" style mag, as such it will not fit inside normal M4/AR15 mag pouches. This mag will require a double M4/AR15 magazine pouch to contain its massive form, but adds a super aggressive look to whatever M4/AR15 AEG you load it into.

  • QD Suppressor and flash hider
  • Aluminium and steel construction
  • Install and remove the suppressor instantly

If sometimes you want to go silent, but other times you like to plough through the skirmish site like a bull in a china shop, consider a QD suppressor! The Big Dragon QD SF Silencer can be attached and removed in an instant via its QD mechanism and the included SF style steel flash hider. The suppressor is constructed from aluminium with steel locking pieces, keeping the device light and minimising extra weight on the front of your gun. The flash hider can be attached to any 14mm CCW male barrel threads, but will only work on outer barrels with a diameter of less than 2cm at the tip due to the collar built into the flash hider itself.

  • 120rnd Capacity
  • Alloy construction
  • 40mm MOSCART Grenade shell for launcher

If you run a N00Btube when you skirmish, you will need a few of these! The NUPROL 40mm MOSCART Gas Grenade is designed to work with any 40mm Airsoft grenade launcher which uses self-contained 40mm gas shells, with the exception of GP-25 AK style launchers. This grenade has a 120rnd capacity, meaning when the trigger of your launcher is pulled, a torrent of BBs will be unleashed upon anyone unfortunate enough to be in your rights. Grenade launchers can be a great way to get multiple kills from a single shot and punish the enemy team for not spacing properly, and can be great for bombarding a bunker and suppressing the enemy as well!

  • Brass and steel construction
  • Air cushion inner barrel 
  • Upgraded inner barrel for GBB/VSR

This unique range of barrels by Maple Leaf is designed to produce consistent air flow and pressure behind every BB as it leaves the barrel. The Maple Leaf Crazy Jet will enhance the accuracy of your GBB/VSR replica and pairs perfectly with a Maple Leaf HOP-up bucking for unparalleled range. This barrel is for GBB pistols with a TM style HOP-up/inner barrel and will also fit WE and VFC GBBRs, the VSR-10 Sniper rifle platform and its clones. 


If you are running a MAC-11 GBB that unbelievable rate of fire will have you needing plenty of spare mags, so stock up while they're hot! The HG-203 MAC-11 Green Gas Magazine from HFC holds 42 BBs, all of which will be gone in a couple of seconds on full auto! The magazine can be loaded through the feed lips by pulling the follower down to the bottom, where it will lock into place. You can load this mag either by hand or by using an Airsoft speed loader. Once you are finished loading, press the small protruding tab on the follower to release it and reapply tension to the feed spring. The fill valve is located on the bottom of the magazine and can be filled with summer gas or green gas. 

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Bought separately £53.94
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  • Trousers / Top Combo
  • Polyester / Spandex
  • Digicam Pattern

Looking for a new look, or simply looking for the perfect trousers / top combination? This Jack Pyke combo features a gorgeous Digicam pattern, designed to break up your outline when Airsofting or Hunting, to make you harder to see, and is constructed from high quality materials which designed to last. 

If you need protection from Airsoft Hits, warm and comfortable camouflage for Hunting, or a cool pair of everyday Trousers, the Jack Pyke Softshell series are perfect.

  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • Includes delta ring and barrel shims
  • Slim quad 20mm Picatinny rail for M4/AR15

If you want the old school functionality of a quad Picatinny railed handguard with a modern, slim profile, all whilst weighing next to nothing you may be accused of asking for too much, but not with the Castellan Airsoft Free Float Quad 20mm Rail System. This replacement handguard provides a drop-in fit for Airsoft M4/AR15s which use the delta ring style handguard attachment method but also includes a delta ring in the box in case yours doesn't! 

This rail design seeks to offer full 20mm Picatinny rails on all its surfaces whilst reducing weight and being far slimmer than other quad rails for improved ergonomics when using modern shooting grips/stances. It succeeds, and may make some think twice before moving over to M-LOK or KeyMod!

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  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Fits Lots of Calibres
  • Perfect Range Companion

A tough and compact Polypropylene Carry Case for .308 (and a wide range of other) ammunition, with a convenient Folding Grab Handle that makes it super easy to transport and store. If you need better management for your ammo or spent cases, then you're in the right place.

  • 30 / 140rnd Setting
  • STANAG Magazine
  • Realistic Design

A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more.

This magazine is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft skirmisher due to its low price and high quality, with the added bonus that should you one day visit a low-cap only site it can be quickly changed to suit your needs.

  • 25 Round Capacity
  • Low-Cap Magazine
  • For Steyr SSG 69

A spare magazine for the ASG Steyr SSG 69 P2 Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm Sniper Rifle.

  • Converts to CW
  • Steel Construction
  • 18mm to 14mm Conveter

An adaptor which converts the 18mm thread on the Airsoft Scorpion Evo to a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) Thread

  • Compact Storage
  • Replaceable Targets
  • Keep Your Room Tidy

Simple to use, fold open to set up or close offering a very compact storage solution. Ideal for any target practice either in your bedroom or outside. 

  • Elastic Retention
  • Modular Magazine Pouch
  • Holds 2x STANAG 5.56mm

A MOLLE compatible double magazine pouches are designed to hold an M4 or AK style magazine in each pouch.

  • Two Point Sling
  • Padded Shoulder
  • Adjustable Length

A two point sing designed for M249 Airsoft weapons, allowing you to carrying your hefty pride and joy all day with maximum comfort.

  • Internal Canvas Loops
  • Balance Helmet Weight
  • Helmet Counter Weight

A pouch designed to allow you to evenly distribute the weight of your helmet mounted equipment and reduce strain on your neck. This pouch is used as a counter weight to any objects mounted to the front of your Helmet, such as Cameras, Flash Lights, Goggles or Night Vision Equipment.

  • Prevent Freezing Up
  • Improve Gas Efficiency
  • Available For Many RIFs

For those who are looking to improve the gas efficiency of their beloved gas Airsoft pistol. 

  • For 0.40g +
  • Extra Large Patch
  • For VSR-10 / Unbridged

A 70 degree hop rubber for VSRs and unbridged barrels, designed to maximise range at a slight cost to accuracy. 

  • 6mm Airsoft Use
  • Fits ASG Moonclips
  • For use with the 'Dan Wesson' Range of revolvers
  • 6x High Power Shells

A new design of Airsoft 6mm Dan Wesson revolver cartridges from ASG with a deep grove cut out at the rear.

  • Three Designs
  • Ideal Gaming Mat
  • Organise Your Mess

A must-have item for any wannabe Airsoft tech; these handy tech mats are not only a pleasure to look at, but make any tech job an easier and more organised affair.

  • For AR/M4/M16 AEG
  • Textured Surface
  • 70rnd Capacity

A Polymer constructed low-capacity magazine for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns. It is created by Lancer Tactical but has been tested as fitting in other brands such as G&G and ASG.

  • Lazer MOLLE
  • For VX/Buckle Up
  • Front Facing Velcro

A Lazer MOLLE Panel for VX/Buckle Up compatible Chest Rigs, which offers a large 24x15cm Velcro/MOLLE combo panel for installing Pouches, Patches and more. The Panel easily connects to Buckle Up Systems via the dual Polymer Clasps at the top. If you run multiple loadouts which all require their own Chest Rig Setup, then a VX/Buckle Up System is the easiest way to quickly swap the main pouch section of your Chest Rig out.

Keep yourself going until payday, and feed your Airsoft demon with gear for under £50