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  • 170rd Capacity 
  • Compatible with AEG AUGs
  • Translucent polymer construction

Looking to feed your AUG? This box of 4 magazines for a bargain price will have you well covered. Made from robust textured translucent polymer just like the real thing and featuring a whopping 170rd capacity, these AUG midcaps represent the best value for money for these unique mid-cap magazines. 

  • Dual Compartment
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Soft Lined Main Pocket

    Small and compact utility pouch designed to be attached to belts, bags, vests and chest rigs where a MOLLE panel is available. The Pouch is constructed from heavy duty 600D Cordua. 

    • Transparent Body
    • No Rattle Design
    • 45rnd Magazine

    A Low / Real Capacity (low-Cap) Magazine for Steyr AUG A1, A2, and A3 Rifles. The magazine is constructed from Transparent Polymer which lightweight and durable, which allows you to see through the magazine and count the ammo you have left in the magazine. 

    • 25 Round Capacity
    • Low-Cap Magazine
    • For Steyr SSG 69

    A spare magazine for the ASG Steyr SSG 69 P2 Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm Sniper Rifle.

    • Converts to CW
    • Steel Construction
    • 18mm to 14mm Conveter

    An adaptor which converts the 18mm thread on the Airsoft Scorpion Evo to a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) Thread

    • 850mAh
    • 7.4v 2S LiPo
    • Ultra Compact

    A high quality and ultra compact 7.4v Lithium Polymer Battery with 850mAh of capacity, wth a 30C discharge rating.

    • Screw In Adaptor
    • For CYMA CM701/702
    • Adds a 14mm CCW Thread

    A screw-in muzzle adaptor allowing users to fit Airsoft silencers, suppressors and muzzle devices with a 14mm CCW thread onto their CM 701 / 702 spring bolt action sniper rifles. 

    • 120 Round Capacity Magazine
    • Lightweight Polymer
    • High Quality Replica

    A 6mm BB medium capacity magazine replica, based on the Bakelite-polymer Magazines of the AK74 series of weapons, designed for use with E&L Airsofts line of various replica AK74 AEGs. 

    • CNC Machined Part
    • To .380 / 9mm Primer
    • For 12G Primer Devices

    An adaptor which fits into 12G Primer Compatible Devices such as Noise Makers, Trip Mines and Airsoft BFG Grenades to allow the use of .380 and 9mm Primers.

    • Alloy Construction
    • 14mm CCW Thread
    • For MB Series Rifles

    An adaptor for a Well MB sniper rifle, giving it a 14mm CCW thread for the attachment of muzzle devices.

    • 6mm Airsoft Use
    • Fits ASG Moonclips
    • For use with the 'Dan Wesson' Range of revolvers
    • 6x High Power Shells

    A new design of Airsoft 6mm Dan Wesson revolver cartridges from ASG with a deep grove cut out at the rear.

    • Lightweight Polymer Design
    • Modern Textured Mag
    • Variable Capacity

    A variable capacity 30/135rnd mid-cap magazine for AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns which can be rapidly switched between a realistic capacity of 30 rounds and a medium capacity of 135rnds. 

    • Adjustable Size
    • Adjustable Thumb Lock
    • Drop Leg or Belt Mount

    A Velcro-adjustable fabric holster that can be worn as a drop leg or on your belt as a waist mounted holster for medium to large sized handguns.

    • Stainless Steel
    • Highly Durable
    • 6mm Bushings

    These 6mm Bushings from Modify are made from Stainless Steel and are highly durable.

    • Three Colour Options
    • For LCT AK Series
    • 70rnd Capacity

    A series of 70rnd Polymer constructed magazines for LCT AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns. They feed BBs into the gun via a spring until completely empty, and are ideally loaded via a Speedloader. They are a replica of the 5.45x39mm magazines but will work in any LCT branded AK platform AEG, and are available in a choice of three colours.

    • 70rnd Capacity
    • Spring Fed Design
    • For LCT RPK Series

    A low-capacity magazine for the LCT branded RPK series of Airsoft Electric Gun. It holds a total of 70rnds and is a replica of the orange Bakelite 5.45x39mm magazine design. It feeds BBs into the gun via a spring, and will feed BBs until completely empty. We recommend the use of a Speedloader to fill this magazine. It is designed for the RPK series but will work with other LCT branded AK replicas, however is a very tight fit in standard AKs.

    • For AR/M4/M16 AEG
    • Textured Surface
    • 70rnd Capacity

    A Polymer constructed low-capacity magazine for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns. It is created by Lancer Tactical but has been tested as fitting in other brands such as G&G and ASG.

    • 360° of Rotation
    • Retention Holster
    • For CYMA CM.127

    A Hard Retention Holster for CYMA CM.127 Airsoft Electric Pistols, which mounts to belt systems or can be adapted onto MOLLE to provide a solid lock on your Pistol until it is time to draw and use it.

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    • Rip-Stop Cotton
    • Highly Absorbant
    • Breathable Material

    This Bandana from WARQ is made from a Rip-Stop Cotton to make it very tough and durable, with a Microfiber Headband to absorb moisture and be as breathable as possible, helping you to keep a cool head under pressure. It is a black design with the WARQ Logo on one side.

    • Automatic Pressure Valve
    • IP67 Rated Hard Case
    • Secure Lock Holes

    A strong and durable heavy duty plastic hard case designed to protect valuable tactical equipment from damage or scratching during storage or transport too and from your Airsoft game site. This case has a wide variety of safety features made to ensure that even your most valuable Airsoft kit stay safe even during the toughest conditions.

    The case is IP rated, and fully tested to give you the confidence you need to store your favourite bits of kit inside without worry. The case is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock proof, making it the perfect storage solution for anyone who wants to keep their valuables safe in a pinch.

    The case is perfect for any kit you would use both on and off the Airsoft field, being the perfect size not only for sight, torch, PEQ box or attachment storage, but also for storing hard drives and other small electronics.

    • 120rnd Mid Cap Mag
    • Multiple Base Plate
    • Dummy Rounds

    Great quality Airsoft magazines designed for STANAG / M4 Magazine accepting Airsoft guns such as M4, L85, and more. The magazines are constructed from high quality polymers and feature interchangeable base plates allowing you to customise them for different scenarios.

    • Light Yellow
    • 0.20g In Weight
    • Approx. 3000 BB

    High quality 0.20g tracer BBs which when illuminated glow green in the dark, allowing Airsofters to witness where their shots are going, perfect for CQB.

    • Foam Filled
    • Alloy Construction
    • CW & CCW Thread

    An Alloy constructed Suppressor for Airsoft replicas, featuring a 14mm CCW Thread at one end, and 14mm CW Thread at the other to make it compatible with any Airsoft Gun that has a 14mm Male Thread. 

    • Approx. 2800 BBs
    • ±0.005mm Tolerance
    • Biodegradable 0.25g BB

    If extreme precision is what you're after when building your Airsoft gun then why not get a BB which matches the quality of your rifle? The Xtreme Precision® BIO range of BBs have been developed by Evolution Airsoft in Italy to conform to some of the highest tolerances on the market, leading to an extremely stable, precision BB. Heavily tested during production these BBs have passed multiple certifications and tests to ensure you're getting your hand on the highest quality product you can get, with no room for error. 

    These BBs are designed to be biodegradable, meaning that they will deteriorate over time when exposed to the natural environment and anywhere where microorganisms exist. These BBs are highly stable, and when stored are not affected by Humidity like other brands of Bio BBs.

    These BBs are perfect for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is looking to get the absolute peak of performance out of their replica, whether it be an Electric AEG, HPA or a Gas Gun, even if the site only allows Bio BBs.

    • Water Resistant
    • Quick Drying Design
    • Hook & Loop Panels

    This is a Baseball Cap/Hat for Airsoft or everyday general use, that is constructed from 100% Polyester, making it resistant to light showers and protecting your eyes from strong sunlight. The hat is secured by an elasticated band, ensuring that it can fit a wide range of heads. The strong, curved Peak retains it shape, whilst the hook and loop panels allow you to customise the Hat with morale patches.