Ares LSR-005 Cheytac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle

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  • Carry Handle
  • Fires 6mm BBs
  • Spring Powered

Made famous by its appearance in the 2007 Mark Wahlberg movie SHOOTER and a firm favourite with players of a particular modern-era video game, this is the incredibly realistic Airsoft replica of Cheytac’s M200 Intervention bolt action sniper rifle.

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The rifle comes preinstalled with a 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel and upgraded RED hop rubber for improved range and accuracy when combined with quality 0.28g or heavier BBs. When you open the box you will need to assembly the outer barrel into the upper receiver, this is made very easy with one large hand fastening barrel nut. The whole rifle is very comfortable to use and adjust from the sprung bipod legs to an adjustable 6 position stock. Other features of this rifle include a DMR style ergonomic pistol grip, hidden rear monopod, adjustable bipod and an underslung carry / support. The LSR-005 is also available in Tan which has all of the same features as the Black version. Please note no scope is included, these are sold separately found online and in store.


  • Incredibly robust
  • Underslung carry / support handle
  • Easy bolt pull
  • Ergo pistol style grip
  • Adjustable bipod
    • Fold back towards magazine for easier storage and carrying
    • Spring adjustable height for 2 height adjustments (on both legs)
    • Slight rotating movement to balance on uneven terrain
  • TDC (Top Down Centre) adjustable hop unit, grub screw located in the front of the Scope rail
  • 6 position adjustable sliding stock
  • Hidden flip out rear mono-pod inside the butt of the stock
  • Mono-pod is adjustable in height
  • Easy to use and positive locking safety selector lever
  • Easy to fully strip and maintain like the real rifle
  • Pre-installed 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel
  • Pre-installed RED hop rubber (Ideal for 0.58g and heaver BBs)
  • E.D.M. ARMS U.S.A. .408 CAL. B.M.G. Windrunner Redlands CA. SER. #172 serial details engraved on the upper receiver
  • Coated cylinder and hardened cylinder head
  • Alloy hop unit with large spring retention for secure internal installation 
  • Rifle requires partial (easy) assembly upon delivery or collection in store

Package Includes:

  • ARES - Cheytac M200 Intervention LSR-005 Sniper Rifle
  • Threaded Allen Key hoop hook to remove spring guide pin in trigger block (to allow removal of bolt without full disassembly)
  • Tube Speedloader
  • User Manual

Special Instructions:

This is a heavy sniper rifle! It is not a quick lay down, snipe and run away weapon. Please ensure you have the BARREL ASSEMBLY NUT tight, it will require force by hand to undo, it will not loosen by its self. Also ensure the hop up is turned off before disassembling! Failure to do so may damage the internals. 

The gun also features a BB feed tube inside, so once you fill your magazine with 80rnds the last 10 shots will be stored in the feed tube. This will result in the last 10 shots not being able to be fired. Upon reloading your magazine or rifle with a fresh magazine these previous 10 BBs will now be usable. Please note, when taking this rifle to the safe zone after use you must press the "RELEASE BUTTON" on the inside of the magazine well to clear the BBs out to prevent an unsafe discharge. 

We do not recommend any upgrades for this rifle. Providing you keep it clean, well maintained and use quality 0.28G BBs as a minimum weight you will have a happy sniping experience. 



Weapon Construction External
Weapon Type
Snipers Rifle
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18
Icon UKARA - United Kingdom Airsoft Retailer Association
Defence / UKARA Required
Yes, No,
FPS Icon
FPS (Feet Per Second), using 0.20g BB
Approx. 410fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB
Site Legal Icon
Site Legal, using 0.20g BB
Included Items
  • Instruction Manual
  • Speed Loader
  • Tools
Skill Level Icon
User Skill Level
Experienced Player

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 2.15kg
Weapon Length Collapsed
Length (Collapsed)
Weapon Length Extended
Length (Extended)


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Primary Colour
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Secondary Colour
Two Tone Icon
Pre Two-Toned
Construction Icon
Alloy body, with Polymer grip, stock and lower casing.
Weapon Construction External
External Construction
Gearbox Icon
Internal Construction

Weapon Specific

Power Source Icon
Powered By
Blowback Icon
Weapon Platform
M-200 Intervention
Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
M-200 Intervention
Fire Select Icon
Fire Selector
Bolt Action
Weapon Safety Features Icon
Safety Features
Trigger Lock
Shooter Configuration Icon
Shooter Configuration
Right Handed
Weapon Configuration Icon
Weapon Configuration
Weapon Scale Icon
Weapon Scale
Suggested BB Weight


Hop-Up Unit Icon
Hop-Up Unit
Hop-Up Unit Adjuster Icon
Hop-Up Adjuster
Grub Key
Hop-Up Unit Location Icon
Hop-Up Location
Top Down Centre grub screw in scope rail


Weapon Furniture Icon
  • Railed Receiver
  • Carry Handle
  • Sliding Stock
Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm Railed Receiver
Sight Type Icon
Sight Type


Inner Barrel Length

Magazine Specific

Magazine Type
Medium Capacity , Sniper Rifle,
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 80 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Method
Speed Loader
Magazine BB Fill Location

Product Testing Data

Notepad Icon
Test Description
Notepad Icon
Tested Using
ASG Blaster 0.20g BBs

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