BO Dynamics Complete Reinforced HPA line for QD

BO Dynamics
  • Reinforced airline
  • QD functionality - US or EU spec
  • 92 cm overall length (including fittings)

An HPA airline intended for use with either US or EU spec QD line fittings. The BO Dynamics airline has been heavily reinforced to minimize the chances of damage or catastrophic failure. The line measures 92cm end to end including fittings, giving you plenty of available movement with your rifle or pistol.

Full description


The Complete Reinforced HPA line from BO Dynamics uses a hydraulic press to install the end fittings into the line, providing extremely high tensile strength (over 70Kg!), and ensuring the line is safe and up to the rigours of an intense Airsoft skirmish. The outer coating of the airline is covered with braided material to provide additional resistance to abrasion which can cause irreparable damage to standard airlines. This airline screws directly into your regulator, and should only be used at low pressure (maximum 140 PSI).


  • Reinforced design - abrasion resistant
  • Available for US or EU spec QD fittings
  • Threads directly into your regulator
  • Operating pressure 0-140 PSI (0-10 BAR)
  • Overall length 92cm including fittings
  • High tensile strength - A kink will not prevent the air from flowing!

Package Includes

  • BO Dynamics Complete Reinforced HPA line for QD - US or EU Spec



Name Variant
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18
Product Length
Approx. 92cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.117kg

Gas Specific

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